Updating back to school supplies with Duck tape from the archives

All this week, I will be pulling out some of my favorite old projects from my Holy Craft archives.
I'm currently in Uganda with World Vision on a vision trip and couldn't be more excited to share my trip with you when I return.  In the meantime, if I am able, I will be updating my instagram with pictures.
For now, enjoy this back to school update from August of last year.

I know many of you already have kids that have headed back to school.
Not us.

We still have more than three weeks of summer left and we are not rushing it!

However, all of the stores are overflowing with school supplies which has my kids thinking that it's time to restock.

I was with my daughter in Walmart the other day, and we saw this great display for Duck Tape®.
Did you know you could buy so many different prints and patterns of Duck Tape®?
My tween daughter is heading to middle school and is very artsy and creative.
She loves bold prints and patterns and immediately fell in love with the chevron Duck Tape® and coordinating green and pink rolls.

We bought a few school supplies and scrounged a few that we had at home that were still in good enough condition to use for another year.
So plain and boring, especially for my artsy middle schooler.

We started glamming up these same old same old composition notebooks.
Three rolls of Duck Tape®...three notebooks with endless possibilities!

It was so easy, you don't need a tutorial, but I will show you one of the steps in the process as we took tape and covered the outer cover.

Next up, we tackled the boring clear clipboard.
We started covering it with tape in the same way we covered the notebooks.

The problem with clipboards is that they have the metal top that makes it difficult to work around.
But it was no match for Duck Tape®!
The tape molded easily around and cut clean.

Because I have two boys, my pencil stash had some skull covered mechanical pencils in it.
They just weren't cutting it for my daughter so we covered those in Duck Tape ® too!  
Nothing is safe!!!
I just removed the top of the pencil and the lead 

and measured out a piece of tape the length of the pencil that I wanted covered.
Amazing new coordinating pencils you would have never guessed were covered in skulls before!
I love using what I have to make something awesome!

My daughter and I had so much fun making all new school supplies with some new {and old} items.
She ended up with a chevron Duck Tape® binder, notebook, clipboard, three composition notebooks, a pencil box, pencils and those bows?  Those are coordinating magnets for her very first locker!
All it took was a little Duck Tape® and less than an hour.
Those school supplies went from a boring before to a fabulous after, just in time for my artsy tween daughter to start middle school!

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