Vintage button ring upcycle

All this week, I will be pulling out some of my favorite old projects from my Holy Craft archives.
I'm currently in Uganda with World Vision on a vision trip and couldn't be more excited to share my trip with you when I return.  In the meantime, if I am able, I will be updating my instagram with pictures.  
For now, enjoy this project from October 2010.

Today I am going to share with you my tutorial on how to make wire wrapped rings using a vintage button.

Here is what you need:
Measuring tape, wire cutters, a button with the shank on the back, 28 gauge wire, a deep well socket (I found mine in my hubby's tool box. I used 1/2 inch but I have little fingers! You can use an actual ring making tool if you have one, I don't, so I made do) and some needle nose pliers

Cut your wire to 36" long
Find the center point of your wire and do a cheesy grin (only kidding about the grin part!)
Starting with the center of the wire, place it on your socket and start wrapping around about 6 times.
Cross your wires and thread each end through the button shank
Pull tightly so that it's close to the socket
Making a figure eight, thread the wire through again with both ends
Equally wrap both ends around the shank covering it with wire to hold it in place. Working from the top of the shank to the bottom closest to the ring.
Start wrapping your wire around the ring on each side. I did about 15 wraps on each side. Make sure you pull tightly and that each wrap is next to the other with no gaps.
Once you have the desired amount of wraps, cut off the excess wire as close to the ring as possible. Using yourneedle nose pliers, squeeze down the end so you don't have any sharp ends left up.
That's it! Put it on and accessorize!
Pretty cool right? And all one of a kind.
You can wrap the whole ring or just a portion of it. Create it any way you like!

I'm sort of a button hoarder, so it's fun for me to find projects that I can use what I have on hand.
Is there some craft item that you like to hoard?

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