Safari in the Masai Mara

While we were in Africa, part of our group decided that it was only fitting to finish off our trip with a safari in the Masai Mara.
The Masai Mara is located in Kenya and is one of Africa's greatest wildlife reserves.
Our trip happened to coincide with the great wildebeest migration.
I may reference The Lion King more than once in this post.
Mostly because it was exactly like that.
Pretty sure the Masai Mara was where The Lion King was filmed.
The Masai Mara is about a 45 minute flight from Nairobi.
We were in a small twin Otter airplane and it was amazing to fly so low that you could see everything.
Even herds of animals.

The camp where we stayed has it's own private airstrip.

 We were greeted by our two guides Luke and Lucy.
There were 9 of us, though we were able to split up into two Land Rovers to give us more space.

Luke and Lucy had an amazing welcome spread laid out for us with hot chocolate, tea, coffee and snacks.
It was amazing how quickly we acclimated from being in extreme poverty to luxury.

We didn't waste any time and decided to head out on safari immediately.
Within two hours we had already seen four of the Big Five.
{the big five consists of African Elephant, African Lion, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, and the African Leopard}
There were lots of babies with their mamas on the plains.
I couldn't get enough of this sweet elephant mama and her two babies.
How sweet is this elephant family?
When we returned to the camp after our first safari, 
there was a Masai dance presentation.
I have always been intrigued with the Masai people and was glad that I got to learn more about them on this trip.

Soaked after a Kenyan downpour, but happy to meet my new friend Jackson.
Can't for the life of me remember his African name!

We woke up the next morning before sunrise to enjoy an early morning on the Mara.
For a mere $500 per person, you can take a sunrise balloon ride around the Savannah.

It was amazing getting to see the animals just waking up and starting their day.
This elephant had strayed from his herd and was off getting breakfast.

I have always wanted to see a wild monkey and this trip I got my wish more than once!
I saw one in the trees in Uganda, and in the safari camp and on this particular morning, I saw a whole troop of baboons!

Those guys are busy and aren't necessarily interested in getting their pictures taken!

Cape buffalo 

lone jackal 

I think after the safari, my new favorite animal is the giraffe.
They are such gentle giants.

We were fortunate that nearly every day, we got to see big cats.

This cat sort of reminded me of Sophie, our Golden Retriever.


Just to give you an idea of how close we were able to get to the lions, 
this is a picture I took from our jeep.

We found a whole pride of lions with their morning kill.
Several lions were looking out on watch, while two would eat.
It looks like they took down a baby cape buffalo.

When one of the two was done eating, they would switch off with one of the lions on guard and trade places.

When they had had their fill, they would just wander off.

 We stopped for the most amazing picnic breakfast.
I don't know if I will ever find another picnic spot that will top that one!

Behind us while we ate, the giraffes, zebras and wildebeest looked on.

And with that, I will end for now, since this post and it's pictures could go on forever!
Stay tuned for a follow up with more pictures.
Do you have a favorite animal?

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Tamara said...

I've enjoyed your recap of your trip to Uganda and now the Safari. What an amazing opportunity you had! Thanks for being willing to go where He sends you:-)

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