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It's 4:30 in the morning. 
I fell asleep during family movie night at 7 and just couldn't wake myself up.
Jet lag is winning. 
So here I sit with random thoughts in my head.
I quit coffee on my trip.
I switched to tea
{which honestly, I think I may like better than coffee}
and then just made the switch to decaf tea.
I don't think it's helping in my quest to beat jet lag.
This may not last long.

I haven't worked out since July.
As someone who hits the gym for about an hour and a half five days a week,
this is a huge change.
It just wasn't safe for me to go on a run in Africa and honestly, there just wasn't time for it.
I haven't taken a break from the gym since I had surgery.
Not sure I miss it yet though.

My first time driving after two weeks was super trippy.
In Africa they drive on the right side of the car and the left side of the road.
It's funny how quickly you get used to that.
It was hard to stay in my lane.
And seriously, lanes?!
That's sort of a foreign concept in Africa
{or most countries}
Most of our driving in Uganda felt like being on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.
But for like hours at a time.
I kind of wanted to find a back country road and drive that just to feel normal.

My first stop was to the grocery store.
Probably a big mistake.
Talk about culture shock!
The picture above is a picture of the large grocery store in Hoima, Uganda.
It was sparsely filled with staples like sugar, oil, mayo and the most "processed" food was probably spaghetti.
Walking into our large grocery store I was disgusted to see so much prepackaged overly processed food not just lining the aisles but overflowing to the rafters.
And don't get me started on looking at the cart of "food" 
{I use that term loosely since there wasn't a single unprocessed whole food item in all the $400 worth of groceries that they bought}
that was being unloaded on the conveyor belt by the people in front of me in line.
I don't miss these though.
The latrine.
And this was a nice one.
Thank you baby Jesus for my western toilet.
Now if I could just figure out this sleep thing.

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