What not to buy from the Dollar Store from the archives

All this week, I will be pulling out some of my favorite old posts from my Holy Craft archives.

This post on what not to buy from the Dollar Store is by far my most popular post.
It's funny because it wasn't something I put a lot of thought into, but it certainly struck a chord with my readers.
It's had nearly 3 MILLION page views.  The best part is reading the comments from other dollar store shoppers, so when you are done reading this post, head on over and read the comments.

I live way too close to The Dollar Store
I end up spending a lot of time there
Which means I also tend to spend a lot of money there too.
I've bought a few things that have been worth a dollar.
And I've bought a few things that are totally not worth a dollar.

So stroll with me through the aisles and I will tell you all those things you should snag
and all those things you should avoid.

Tissue Paper-Snag it
It's so much cheaper at The Dollar Store and works great in those 
recycled gift bags we all have laying around.

Scotch Tape-Snag it
Is it just me or does your house go through tape like it's going out of style?

 Thumb Tacks-Snag it
You probably don't need these every day, but I did do a project recently and wish I knew they had them at The Dollar Store because I paid too much.

Furniture Polish and Window Cleaner: Snag it
Both things I use often, both things worth picking up
Windex does not corner the market on window cleaner and Pledge doesn't either
You can read about Anna's top secret cleaning tip (hint, it involves furniture polish) here.

Estracell sponges-Pass
While they may look like the scotch brite sponges, they are not the same.
 Don't waste your money

Sun dishwashing liquid: Pass
This stuff is so watered down that it's cheaper to buy the name brand

Stor-it sandwich bags: Snag it
We don't use a lot of these baggies (I use my reusable ones instead)
but when I do need them, they do the job

Potted Meat: Pass
I'm pretty sure potted meat is never a good idea
also, any "meat" at The Dollar Store-gross!

Pretzels: Snag it
These are great for lunches and so much cheaper than at the grocery store

Kids Shampoo: Snag it
If you have kids that wash themselves you know how much shampoo you go through.

Shower Curtain: Snag it
Now I'm not saying you should use just this shower curtain in your bathroom,
but under your fancy shower curtain, this one for $1 is perfect.

Washcloths and Towels: Pass
So thin and so not worth it

Extra Healing Lotion: Pass
It may look like Vaseline's healing lotion, but it is not even close.
Find a sale and buy the real deal

Bobby pins: Pass
Honestly didn't know anyone could screw up bobby pins
but they did.
Don't bother

Cotton Swabs: Pass
Stick with Q-tips
These guys bend before you even stick 'em in your ear.
It's like they are scared or something.

Pregnancy Test: Snag it
Who knew?
Seriously, the best $1 deal in the store
Compare them with other brands here
**updated**see this follow up post Should you Buy a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Glue Pens-Snag it
I always peruse the craft aisle you never know what you will find
I know I've bought these at Michael's before for WAY more!

Colored Pencils: Pass
These are awful! They won't sharpen and they get dull in a nanosecond

Crayons: Pass
There is something to be said for Crayola.  They have crayons figured out.
These are just waxy and yuck

Dough Pate: Pass
It's called Pate...seriously...skip it.
It's not play doh

Bubbles: Snag it
I buy these by the armful during the summer
Cheap, big and full of fun

So what dollar store items did I miss?
Good or bad I want to know!

This Dollar Store post has by far been one of my most popular posts.
I did a few follow up posts based on department.
You can find them here

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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