Easy Pet Fashion Personalized Bandana with the Cricut Joy

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Our dogs are like a part of our family. I know I'm not the only one who feels this. Pet adoption rates during COVID have been soaring! If you didn't adopt a pet during quarantine, I bet you know someone who did! Today, I've got a little something for that furry member of your family...or to give as a gift! Create a fashion statement for your pet with these easy to make personalized bandanas. Using your Cricut, you can personalize just about anything for anyone, even the furriest members, and no, I'm not talking about my dad! Why not customize one of the most iconic fashion statements a dog can make and add some personality to a bandana. I'll show you how you can easily sew a basic pattern to make an over-the-collar dog bandana or personalize an existing bandana to fit the personality of your pet. Don't worry, you can even make these for your cat or other furry friends with some tweaks to the pattern. Want to find out how? Come check it out!

personalized dog bandana using the cricut joy

Easy Pet Fashion Personalized Bandana with the Cricut Joy

pet fashion personalized slip on collar dog bandanas

We have both a big dog {Milo} and a little dog {Frankie} and we adore them both. While the smaller dog has more, shall we say, fashion options {fine, she has a whole wardrobe and her own drawer full of clothes!}, the bigger dog gets by with just accessories, like these fun bandanas. I actually love that both pups can match with coordinating bandanas.

I'm going to show you how you can tackle this easy sewing project for a slip-over-the-collar bandana, but, if sewing isn't your thing, keep on scrolling until you see stop for some no-sew options.

DIY Reversible Over-the-Collar Pet Bandana

This really is an easy sewing project. It could be a great beginner project or for the skilled seamstress, it's a quick DIY.

cricut joy pet bandana personalized materials list

Here is what you will need:

Cotton fabric {it doesn't take much! Under 1/2 yard will give you several bandanas in all sizes!}
Cardstock {to make your own pattern}

Some tips:

Plain fabric that coordinates works best. I used snuggle fleece because it washes up well and is soft. You can use patterned fabric, but then you have to make sure you use a more basic vinyl image and that isn't quite as fun! We want our Cricut Joy Smart Iron-On to be the star of the show!

You can use the Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air to create as well, I'm using my Cricut Joy because it's my small but mighty project creator

I'm obsessed with having a Cricut Access Premium. I mean, seriously, it makes designing so easy and fun, so if you don't have it, consider a subscription because it makes creating so much easier!

Let's get started!

You are going to want to take your dog's collar off and measure the length, not including the buckles. Measure the height of the widest area of the collar {usually the buckle}.

I used a ruler and drew a line down with the width. In the case of my smallest dog, it was 3/4" long. I drew a line across from the bottom of the width line that was the length of the collar. In this case 8 1/2" long. I divided the length in half and then drew a line straight down the paper going down 5" because that's how long I wanted the bandanna to be. Then I connected the end line on a diagonal to the center middle line on both sides. 

I'm not going to list the pattern sizes I used for my dogs, you can see it on the below image.

Every dog will probably be different because every collar is a little different. These are the sizes that worked for my two dogs.

slip on collar dog bandana pattern free

Step One

Since you are making these reversible, I found that it was easier to just trace around my pattern and then cut out my bandana pieces.

diy dog collar bandana pattern

Step Two

I cut all my pieces out of coordinating fabrics and then lined up the right sides together {less important with this type of fabric, but a good reminder if you are using a print or pattern}

reversible over the collar bandana for pets

Step Three

Your first stitch will be along the top of the bandana. Sew 1/4" down and then press the seam open.

sewn dog bandana

Step Four

Fold in both edges by rolling them about 1/4" in. Press them down as you go and pin them in place if needed. Do this on both sides of your bandana. Stitch the sides down.

over the collar bandana pattern

Step Five

Fold your bandana in half right sides together. Leave a pocket open on the side to allow your pet's collar to slide through. Sew a v shape, trim the thread and use the sides to flip your fabric open.

sewn dog bandana

Step Six

Once you flip your bandana, press it down and you are ready for the fun part!

reversible dog bandana

If you didn't sew a bandana, scroll and stop here!

No-Sew Personalized Bandana Options

There are plenty of no-sew options out there if you still want to create a personalized pet fashion statement. 

I found several bandana options at my local Dollar Store. This one was already made with a velcro closure but you can also find classic bandanas too.

dollar store dog bandana

You can also use the above pattern for size reference and simply cut fabric that doesn't fray. For instance, take an old t-shirt destined for the donation bin and cut out a triangle that can tie {instead of slip over the collar} around the neck.

If you are determined to make a similar reversible pet bandana but don't have a sewing machine or access to a sewing machine, you can use this iron-on hem tape. You literally just iron it on one side, peel off the paper backing and adhere the fabric together with another press. 

Ok friends, we've got our bandanas, now here comes the fun part!

personalized pet bandanas using the cricut joy

As I mentioned before, I love having Cricut Access Premium. I have access to hundreds of thousands of images {with new images added weekly!} in a design library. It's about $10 a month and it will save you so much money if you are buying an svg file here and an svg file there. Honestly, I wouldn't have my Cricut if I didn't have access to this library. It's basically the best sidekick for my Cricut habit!

I often find myself getting lost in the Cricut Access library and often just save images together and rename them for projects I want to create. I created a whole library of images, sayings, and fonts I wanted to use for my pet bandanas. 

It makes it easy when I want to go and create them. I simply select the image from my saved file {or select them from the Cricut Access library} and create a new project.

I resize the images to fit my bandana. For instance, I need a MUCH larger image on my x-large dog bandana than I do for my xs one. Once I have my image resized and ready, I select "make it" and follow the prompts.

All of these images and fonts are from the Cricut Access library. Look at how many there are and this doesn't even touch the realm of possibilities!

dog bandanas using the cricut joy

Cricut makes it easy when it's time to cut your image {trust me, I had a Silhouette for years and found that I wasted so many materials because I made stupid mistakes!} walking you through every selection so you can get it right the first time. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has to google every.single.time if the shiny part of the HTV goes up or down??? The Cricut Design space actually tells you! And reminds you to mirror your image. Cue the hallelujah chorus. 

cricut smart iron on

I found that my Cricut Joy was just the right size to create pet-sized creations! I love my Cricut Joy probably more than I should. It does just about everything a larger cutting machine would do, but it's much smaller and compact.

Read more about my love affair with the Cricut Joy and get a rundown of all the things it can do!

With the special Cricut Joy smart materials, you can cut without a mat but friends, you don't have to buy the special materials if you don't want to. You can also cut down the Cricut Iron-on vinyl {this is a good money-saving hack if you a) already have some on hand or b) find it on sale!} and put it on a Cricut Joy mat.

cricut joy heat transfer vinyl material

Once you cut out your image using your Cricut Joy {or other Cricut cutting machine}, you will weed your image. Because these images are on the smaller side {especially if you are making them xs for a tiny pet!}, you are going to thank me when you get one of these Cricut weeding tools. It helps get in all the small spots to remove the little dots from the o's or the loops in the e's. 

cricut vinyl for pet fashion

Once your image is fully weeded, heat up your Cricut EasyPress.

Side note: for years, I fought getting a Cricut EasyPress. I mean, an iron worked just fine right?! Wrong! This former sorority girl {aka needs a custom t-shirt for everything or it didn't happen!} realized really quickly that the EasyPress is FAR superior to an iron. My images are now staying put wash after wash and adhering far faster.

Find the right setting for the Cricut EasyPress and get out your EasyPress Mat. That's right, this mat is also a necessity! Seriously, I no longer have to haul out my ironing board, I can just lay out my EasyPress Mat and I'm ready to go!

cricut easy press

Remember that Dollar tree dog bandana? The no-sew option? I added this "woof" image and it looks like a million bucks now!

dollar store dog bandana

My extra small pup got a few new fun reversible bandanas. You can put an image on both sides of your bandanas to give you even more options!
extra small dog fashion
Frankie is obviously a fan!

personalized name dog bandana

Milo's bandana says what he can't! He's always up for giving a good free hug and lots of sloppy kisses!

free hugs personalized pet bandana

Pin this for later:

personalized puppy fashion
So even if you just want to put a name on it or...

dog name personalized bandana

if you want to sport some of the latest dog fashion, you are going to love using your Cricut for these fun personalized pet bandanas!

personalized pet bandanas

If your pet could talk, what would their bandana say?

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