Three Little Things To Make with the Cricut Joy {Using Vinyl}

I was always the smallest in school. I had to stand in the front row for pictures and creep up on my tiptoes if I wanted to see anything in a crowd. I heard the phrase "small but mighty" quite often. It's the same phrase I've been using when I think about the new Cricut Joy. I'm no stranger to the cutting machine. I've had one for the past decade or so, but I'll be honest, I just don't have the room to store my machine. I keep my cutting machines in a box in the closet and have to lug them out when I'm ready to use them. While other machines are making bigger, I was excited to see that Cricut made a small machine called the Cricut Joy that can sit out on a counter and be ready for any project. The goal is to create personalized projects that can be created in just a few minutes because not everyone has a craft room to DIY and personalize things. I've got three small but mighty projects you can make with a Cricut Joy using vinyl and I promise you, you'll realize that practical everyday projects have never been easier to make! No craft room required!

Three Little Things To Make with the Cricut Joy {Using Vinyl}

Three Little Things to Make with the Cricut Joy {Using Vinyl}

vinyl projects using the cricut joy

1. Create Unique Clothing with the Cricut Joy Tutorial

I'm a sorority girl, if I don't have a t-shirt for an event, it didn't happen! I have been designing and creating my own unique clothing using Cricut Smart Iron-On for ages. I love creating one-of-a-kind designs that look professionally made. 

The new Cricut Joy doesn't require a mat when you cut with the full suite of brand-new materials. That means you have less to buy, fewer steps, and faster results! New Smart vinyl comes in extended sizes too, with up to 20' repeated cut capability and no need to switch out for multiple mats. 

Small, but mighty.

holographic vinyl

My Secret Power is Cricut Design Space!

I used the Cricut Joy holographic smart iron-on to create this "I can not adult today" sweatshirt. The image is available with Cricut Access. I highly recommend it! That means you have access to more than 100,000+ images, hundreds of fonts and endless possibilities. You can be designing and creating ready-to-make projects in no time!

I can't adult today loungewear

Once you cut out your Smart Iron-On, simply weed the image, and use your Cricut EasyPress to secure your image. In under 15 minutes, you have a new shirt to wear!

I can't adult today loungewear

I also created this feather boho tank using the Cricut Joy and Smart Iron-on in Nature Walk Basic. This Smart Iron-on comes in a three-pack of coordinating patterns to you can create easy projects in a flash. 

boho feather tank top womens made with vinyl

I also created this sweet little holographic rainbow onesie using the same holographic Smart Iron-on as I did in my "adulting" sweatshirt. 

rainbow baby onesie

See, the possibilities are endless! And the projects don't have to be small!

2. Create Personalized Vinyl Projects using the Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy will be your new best friend when it comes to quickly and easily personalizing anything with one cut and one color, in just a few minutes!

Plain boring hangers go from this...

wooden hangers diy
to this with the click of a button. No mat needed! I didn't even have to design the "bride" and "groom" image. I simply did a quick search in the Cricut Access library and resized it to fit my project. It took me just a few minutes to complete the finished product!

bride and groom hangers using vinyl

I also created this "lash out" art on a metallic canvas for my daughter's room.

I used Cricut vinyl, transfer tape, and my Cricut Joy to create this fun new art piece in minutes.

custom canvas using vinyl

I also used vinyl to create these personalized water bottles. Just use vinyl, and some transfer tape and you are in business!

No mat, fewer steps, bigger results!

Small but mighty!

water bottle using vinyl

3. Take it Up a Notch with Your Cricut Joy!

If you do have a mat for your Cricut Joy, you can create layered projects like this custom air pods case I made using vinyl scraps. Each layer was cut on my Cricut Joy and I transferred it like a sticker onto my AirPods. No more confusing mine with my kids anymore!

airpods custom case using vinyl

airpods custom case using vinyl

I layered vinyl scraps and a ready-to-make image in Cricut Access to create this custom coffee mug. I'd recommend StrongGrip Transfer Tape for this project. It had a lot of small pieces!

coffee mug created using the cricut joy and multiple layers of vinyl

Did you know you can also write with the Cricut Joy? 

You can! You guys, this is a game-changer!

Not only can you create unique cards {have you priced out cards at the store lately? I'd rather save my money and buy a coffee instead!} you can create one of a kind images drawn and cut using the Writable Smart Label Vinyl and Cricut Joy pens and markers.

writable smart label stickers

I created stickers using my Cricut Joy Fine Point Pens using images found in Cricut Access. I simply clicked the line type box from cut to draw and added a shape around the image I wanted to be cut. 

writable smart label stickers

For the images, I used a circle shape that you can find in the shapes section and resized it to fit. After that, I used the attach feature so it would draw and cut together.

For the more complex state shapes, I simply found a simple shape and then resized it. The inside of the image I had changed the line type to draw like I did above, and the outside I had changed the line type to cut and then I used the attach feature after selecting both the inside and outside images together. 

writable smart label stickersWhen you use the draw and then the cut feature, Cricut Joy will prompt you step by step to put the Cricut Joy pen into the plotter, and then once it's finished, it will prompt you to put the blade back in so it can cut. It's darn slick.

Three Little Things To Make with the Cricut Joy {Using Vinyl}

I used one of the stickers I created using the Writable Vinyl Smart Label on my water bottle.

Three Little Things To Make with the Cricut Joy {Using Vinyl}

Want to read more about how to create stickers using the Circut Joy? Check out this post!

I also created some book page labels using a similar draw and cut method for some books I was gifting for a baby shower.
I was impressed that the ink dried quickly and there was no smearing or smudging on the label.

smart label writable vinyl book page label book library

If you've put off buying a cutting machine, wait no more! I'm telling you, the Cricut Joy is small but mighty and it will have you creating, crafting and personalizing in no time!

cutting machine projects using vinyl

Why do I need a Cricut Joy if I Already Have a Cutting Machine?

If you already have a Cricut Maker or Air 2 {like I do!}, the Cricut Joy opens up additional creative possibilities with its own set of unique features. It's the perfect companion for quick, mat-free projects and long cuts. 

Practical, everyday projects have never been easier. The Cricut Joy is compact and portable and uses Bluetooth so you can move it from room to room creating as you go! No mat required which makes it that much easier so you can get crafting and creating! Learn more at You can find the small but mighty Cricut Joy on-line and in stores now!

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