How to Make Stickers Using the Cricut Joy

Just a few days into quarantine, my Cricut Joy got delivered to my front steps and I'm telling ya, that's one of the only things keeping me sane these days. I've had fun crafting and creating with it and learning how to use it. It's actually not hard to use the Joy. In fact, I find the Cricut products to be so much more user-friendly than the Silhouette products.  {read more about which one I think is better, the Cricut or the Silhouette} Because the Joy is the smallest cutting machine out there, it's got its own selection of smart materials that go with it. I'm trying out a new one and making stickers using the Cricut Joy. Come see how I do it!

print and cut stickers diy

How to Make Stickers Using the Cricut Joy
cutting machine stickers diy

Cricut has its own line of printable sticker paper, but because this cute little cutting machine is only 5.5" wide, you can't use the print and cut feature for making stickers like you would normally. 

But don't worry! The Cricut Joy can write and cut, so you will be looking for images you can create using the draw feature. You can even take a normal cut image and make it a draw image to be cut. I'll show you how.

What you need to make stickers using the Circut Joy:

-Smart Label Writable Vinyl

-Cricut Joy

That's it. You need those two things. When you use the Cricut Joy Smart Materials, you don't need a cutting mat. Though if you feel more comfortable using one, you can get one here.

How to Make a Cut Image a Draw Image Using Cricut 

Find an image in the Cricut Access library. The library is hands down 100% worth it because of all of their easy ready-to-make projects. You can get monthly access for as low as $7.99 and it gives you exclusive deals and discounts too. Seriously, look into it. 

Select your image and go to line type. Toggle the menu down and select draw. You can then select the color you want it to draw too in the box right next to it. 

Now select shapes on the far left. On the circle images, I selected a circle. Make sure this line is a cut image. 

The final important detail is to select both the draw and cut lines on each image and select attach in the bottom right of your design software. That will put the image together creating one image with two steps {draw and then cut} rather than separating the two tasks.  
draw and cut image in cutting machine
If you have a weird-shaped item, like these states, find a blank cut image to go around the draw image you have created. Use the same process as you did above for the circle, and make sure the image is attached after you resize the exterior cut lines. 

Cricut Joy Writes 

If you have attached your images, once you send your project to be cut, your machine will prompt you first to add in your pen. It's as easy as that to continue to follow the prompts to complete your stickers.

smart label projects

That's it! It's easy to create a sticker using the Cricut Joy by using the draw function on the Smart Label writable vinyl. 

smart label vinyl projects
smart label writable vinyl projects

Give it a try. The possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for? Order a Cricut Joy now and pin this for later!

smart label projects

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