How You Can Support the Graduating Class of 2020 in a Meaningful Way

Most of the activities leading up to graduation have been canceled. Students who worked hard were looking forward to being able to celebrate their achievements in the final few months of school and those have been taken from them. As a mom of a senior this year, I know how difficult it's been dealing with the uncertainty of the coming months. Those months that were supposed to be filled with exciting college decisions, final sports seasons or concerts and recognition of a student's achievements as they put a bow on their compulsory education and look towards the future. 
I shared my thoughts on why you sharing your senior picture wasn't really helping show solidarity for the class of 2020, and was met with a lot of questions on how best to support the students that are collectively missing one of the biggest achievements in their life to date. I'm hoping I can share some ways you can support the graduating class of 2020 in a meaningful way.
graduation canceled

How You Can Support the Graduating Class of 2020 in a Meaningful Way

graduation canceled because of coronavirus

Acknowledge the situation

Admittedly, there are plenty of emotions for high school students, but for seniors who were looking forward to celebrating some pretty big milestones, they are on a roller coaster of emotions. The emotions graduates are feeling might feel overly dramatic to us, because we have perspective, but acknowledging the situation is key to helping students process their emotions.
If you know a senior personally, send them a text or a handwritten note. Let them know that you see them and are thinking about them as they work through the uncertainty of life right now. 

I recently joined a Facebook group called National Adopt a Senior. Senior parents {the class of, not the old people} put up a post that says #notadopted and shares a little bit about their senior {or themself} in hopes that someone will adopt them and share in celebrating their student. Seniors are adopted in minutes usually. You can find teen moms, valedictorians, athletes, struggling students, first-generation graduates, you name it! It's been fun just to read about and get a glimpse into the life of some of the seniors that are part of the graduating class of 2020. 

My daughter has been "adopted" but we are waiting to see what that looks like. I'll keep you posted!

Celebrate their milestones

This is a time like any other. One that will be talked about and shared with future generations, so why not celebrate these milestones with a meaningful gift.
Here are a few gifts I found that would be meaningful but also provide a keepsake for the future:

Meaningful graduation gifts for her
How You Can Support the Graduating Class of 2020 in a Meaningful Way

graduation canceled gifts to give
Graduate necklace
Be You Bravely Bracelet
Personalized bag

Meaningful graduation gifts for him

Engraved Wallet
Morse Code Bracelet
Personalized Knife
Travel Kit
I've intentionally linked to Etsy so that you can help #standwithsmall because we know that small businesses could also use your support now too. Find more on the Standwithsmall Editor's Picks' Page. 

Stand in solidarity

Not with a half-hearted attempt on social media by sharing your own senior photo {friends, don't you think that may be more about you?}, but by joining in the community events that are being created to support our students. 
Our local stadium lights all across the state will be turned on at 8:20 pm {military time 20:20}. Several local moms have created signs that show support for our students and have placed them around the community. Every community is going to be different in the way they are honoring the class of 2020, but showing up at those events, or creating your own, is a great way to stand in solidarity with our students.
This is an uncertain time for many. We are all navigating the waters and the ink isn't dry on the rule book, but these are just a few meaningful ways you can support the senior class this year. It's unprecedented that a whole community of students will collectively share in the loss of something like this, so let's take a moment to support them in a meaningful way.
I'd also love to hear from you. How are you supporting the class of 2020?

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