10 Things to Do on Your Phone That Isn't Scrolling

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your phone without even realizing it? One minute you’re looking through Facebook to find the name of someone you went to high school with, and the next, you don’t even remember whose profile you’re scrolling through. Here are ten things to do on your phone that aren’t just scrolling, for times where all you have is your phone to entertain you.

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10 Things to Do on Your Phone That Isn't Scrolling


Clear Your Inbox

If you have your email connected on your phone, use this time to sort through emails. Organize them into folders if you need to, and try your best to hit zero.


Listen to a Podcast

If you have a little more time on your hands, put in your headphones and listen to a podcast. Many music subscription services also have podcasts you can listen to as well.

I've got a few favorites like Armchair Expert, The Happy Hour and Dave Ramsey.


Respond to Text Messages

If you’re like me, then you may have a few unanswered text messages that you meant to respond to that you forgot about. Go through your text messages and make sure there aren’t any messages you should have responded to that you forgot to.


10 Things to Do on Your Phone That Isn't Scrolling

Read an Ebook

If you have the Books app, Kindle app, or even Google Play Books on your phone, you can read a book from your phone! It might not sound like much, but a few pages here and there on the go can help you get more reading done.

Your library has ebooks and audiobooks for free. Find more surprising library benefits here


Check Your Voicemails

Many voicemails have a text translation option where you can quickly check your voicemails at a glance and delete spam and unimportant voicemails with just a simple click.


Fill in Your Calendar

If you rely on your phone calendar, take this time to fill it out! Make notes about where and who you need to talk to or go, and set reminders for important events.


Play a Brain Game

Sudoku, word puzzles, and other brain game apps can be downloaded right on your phone for easy brain-teasing fun during your downtime.


Look for Deals and Coupons

Search through Retailmenot, Coupons.com, or even another deal app to find coupons and deals you can use on your next shopping trip. 

Make and Schedule Appointments

Many places will allow you to make and even set your own scheduled appointment right from their website. Use your phone to make and schedule necessary appointments instead of having to call.

Organize Your Photos

We’re all guilty of taking three photos before we have a good one that’s usable. Take this time to organize your photos into folders and delete random blurry photos and duplicates too. You can do this a little bit at a time to quickly go through your pictures and keep them organized on your phone. If you have a cloud-based backup for your photos, you can sometimes do this from your phone too.

You don’t have to scroll through your phone while you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment or in line at the grocery store. There are tons of ways you can be more productive and use those phone minutes to your advantage.

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