Surprising Library Benefits that Will Save You Money!

I can't think about the library without remembering the song my kids' favorite little aardvark on PBS used to sing. It went something like this "having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card." And boy, ain't that the truth! I am a huge reader, and lately, I've been loving audiobooks {though sometimes I show my age and call them books on tape, who else is with me?} and never once have I strayed from my love of the library. But after talking to some of my local friends, I know they have forgotten to use the library as a resource because when I got on a little tangent about the surprising benefits and the offerings of the library, most people sat mouth agape saying "I didn't know that!".  
We are in the thick of a no-spend challenge {click the link to read more}, and I can't think of a better way to help encourage you to save money than at the library! Come check out the surprising library benefits that will save you money! Let me just tell you now, the library is more than just books!

the library has more than books

10 Ways Your Library Can Save you Money

Surprising Library Benefits that Will Save You Money!

Some of you haven't visited the library since you had to flip through a card catalog, and others stopped going after they quit frequenting for storytime when their kids were little. Regardless of how you remember the library, I'm hoping you'll take a minute to look at them a little differently after you see them through the eyes of a money-saving machine.

1. Free Books

I rarely buy books at the store. I never really fell into the habit because I don't like to read a book more than once, so why bother? But book buying can be a real habit costing people hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. 
The library has thousands of different book titles at your disposal. Many libraries allow you to make requests or put holds on books from other libraries, even other libraries in different states, so you can have access to even some really obscure titles you wouldn't have otherwise been able to get your hands on. 

Read more about the Lucky Day section at our local library!

2. Audiobooks

I have the Audible debate at least once a month. I think it's a horrible deal. I got sucked into a one-month free trial and thought I would like it. I ripped through my first book download in just a few days and was ready for another. Little did I know that the $14.95 monthly fee only allowed you ONE measly title to borrow. Are you kidding me?
What was once called Overdrive is now called Libby {in our library system}, and you can download as many audiobook titles {as well as eBook titles} as you want FOR FREE. Sure there are often holds on popular titles, but you can often search for titles that are available now and create a list of books you want to borrow and you'll be notified when they are able to be accessed. 
I'm fairly certain I'm putting Audible slowly out of business as I tell more and more people about this library service. Go to your app store now, and download it. It's seriously that easy.

3. Entertainment

We got rid of cable decades ago, so our television viewing {pre-streaming} has always been limited. Our family has relied on the library for VHS {yep, I'm that old} and DVD rentals. You'll find plenty of current titles and new releases. You'll even find box sets of your favorite shows {seasons 1-49 of the Real Housewives for example} so you can binge-watch in your jammies. 
Surprising Library Benefits that Will Save You Money!

4. Local Museum Passes

Many public libraries offer first-come, first-served museum passes. They generally offer museum admission for 2 adults and up to 4 minor children and can be checked out for the day or the week, depending on the library. These passes have saved us hundreds of dollars over the years. I often check them out before my kids have a day off of school or use them during the summer as a fun activity. You do have to be flexible because the passes are limited, but it's a pretty awesome way to get some culture and save some money.

5. Tool Lending

This type of lending library is new to me, but our local library started offering a tool lending library in an effort to support a sustainable community. You can find workshops staffed with volunteers that can help you fix your bike, toaster and more {just no personal electronics} with tools you can borrow while at the library. 
I also recently heard that several libraries in my area also allow their patrons to have access to Silhouette and Cricut's as long as you use them in the library. These can't go home with you, but it's another great way to use something without having to buy it.

Ever wondered which is better the Silhouette or the Cricut? I own both and I'm giving you my honest opinion.

Surprising Library Benefits that Will Save You Money!

6. Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

I must confess, I'm not great at utilizing the meeting rooms and conference spaces at my local library, but it's important to know that they are available. Co-working spaces are becoming popular, and while they are a genius idea for some, there is a cost associated with them. The library has no membership agreement and no fee for using the original co-working spaces, so take advantage of it.

7. Training Programs

You can find adult education training like ESL and adult learning classes, but you can also find classes that can help you polish up your resume or teach you some computer skills you might need for that next promotion. 

8. Classes and Workshops

A quick look at the event page at my local library showed an upcoming introduction to watercolor class, tax assistance help, anytime access to a collection of crafting classes on Creative Bug, coding for kids, author events, movie screenings and much more. There was even a request page so you could submit an idea for a skill you wanted to learn and they would try to find someone to teach a class on it.

9. Consumer Information

We research before we make big purchases and whether you are buying a new car or a new refrigerator, the library can help you out. Many public libraries subscribe to Consumer Reports and other consumer databases that can help you with product reviews, as well as give you information you can use for DIY car and household repairs. 

10. Online Resources

Most of us have computers at home, or access to a computer, but not all of us have access to some of the online resources available at your public library. Did you know many local libraries have online genealogy resources like Many also offer online classes you can use to master software programs, learn a new language or prepare for tests. 
no spend challenge resources
Did all of this just blow your mind? Just in researching this, I learned a few new things about my local library too. Did you know that if you live in a small community, you often have access to the large public libraries in your state just by being a resident? The benefits are huge and they will save you money! Like I said at the beginning, having fun isn't hard, if you've got a library card! Go check yours out today!

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Jackie said...

What a great post! I actually learned the other day that my library has free museum passes. If only I had known that sooner!

Rohit Amale said...

I honestly did not know that libraries would have so many benefits. Thanks for sharing.

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