How to Live Cheap without Feeling Cheap

If you are new to frugal living, it can start to feel like everything involves either living cheap or feeling cheap. While living frugally can be a little restrictive at first, it doesn’t have to feel cheap! There are so many ways you can save money, reduce your expenses, and live frugally without feeling cheap! Here are five ways you can live cheap without feeling cheap.

money saving without losing yourself

How to Live Cheap Without Feeling Cheap

money saving so you can control your spending

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Start Building a Stockpile

Stockpiles are like a secret weapon to a frugal person. This will allow you to stock up when things are on sale and then live off of your stockpile until the next big sale. Buying things might not seem frugal in nature, but buying smart and within your budget can save you thousands on your grocery bill, gifts, and so much more! Assign a small amount of your budget to build your stockpile, and see what you can add to your stockpile.

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Look for Free Entertainment

It might seem like frugal people never leave the house, but this is far from the truth! Frugal people take advantage of free entertainment in their city or a nearby city. They look for free ways to spend their free time, and free entertainment is no exception. There are many great festivals and concerts that don’t cost any money to attend! Check Facebook, your local library and your community website for free events near you.

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Find Frugal or Free Swaps

Frugal people don’t necessarily give up all of the things they love. Instead, they look for cheaper alternatives to what they are currently spending money on to help reduce costs! Here are some example of frugal or free swaps:

     Streaming services instead of cable
     Copycat recipes at home instead of eating out
     Driving instead of flying to your destination
     Making your own bread instead of buying store-bought

These all might sound difficult, but they still allow frugal people to indulge in the things they enjoy without spending too much money.


How to Live Cheap without Feeling Cheap

Eat at Home

This is by far the best way you can save money without feeling cheap! You can make wonderful and delicious meals at home that rival any restaurant! If you struggle with eating at home, find simple or copycat recipes for your favorite meals out. Once you’ve done that, you can then start making your favorites at home!

These are some of our favorite copycat recipes:


live on a budget and spend money where you really want to

Use Cash Instead of Swiping Your Card

Using cash feels strange for some people, but it’s a simple swap that makes a big difference! It’s easy to overspend when you can swipe your card. You don’t have to think about the total because you have a bottomless pit of money on your card, right? Wrong! You are limited in how much you have, but a credit card takes that feeling away! Using cash instead can help you stick to your budget because once you’re out, you have to stop!

You don’t have to feel cheap to be frugal! While you can do a lot to save money and cut costs, these five simple tips will help you live cheap without feeling cheap.

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