No Spend Challenge Month: Saving Money on Utilities

When I started thinking about the details and the rules I was going to impose during my no spend challenge month, utilities were one thing that came up as a non-negotiable item that would be paid. Regardless if you own a home or are renting, there are monthly bills that come with living somewhere. These utility bills, we will call them, seem hard to budget for, and there is little wiggle room in paying for them. It almost feels like you can't lower your utility bills, but I'm going to help you take a look at a few ways you can lower those standard utility bills to save money.

saving money on utilities

 How to Save Money on Utilities

saving money on utilities

It seems hard to trim money on utility bills, but it's possible. I've got a few tips that you can use to trim various utility bills to save money so you can spend that cash on something you really want to.

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save money on water use and other money saving ideas for a no spend month

1. Lower Your Water Bill

If a remodel or update is in your near future, look into adding low-flow toilets or adding energy-star appliances. There are also low-flow showerheads you can change your existing fixtures too as well as aerators on your faucets. The aerator option is probably the cheapest option to look into if you want to make a change like this. I will say, I'm not doing the math for you on this one because a) it's out of my pay grade and b) I don't know your numbers, but factor in the price to make these changes {look for discounts or rebates often offered by your local utility company} and how much you will save to see if it's worth the initial expense and savings over time.

You could also take shorter showers. The experts say that even shaving off one to two minutes a day can make a noticeable difference, especially if you have multiple people sharing water in your home.  Turning off the water when you brush your teeth is another change you can make and only run the dishwasher when it's full. 

2. Lower Your Energy Bill

You can tweak your energy usage and lower your bill by simply giving your thermostat a nudge. If the home is empty during the day while people are at work or school, you can lower the thermostat by up to 15 degrees. The same goes for setting the thermostat lower at night. You probably won't notice since most people tend to sleep warmer anyway, just add an extra blanket or heck, make one of these, heat it up in the microwave and put it at the bottom of the bed. It's what we do. 

You can adjust the temperature of your hot water heater to 120 degrees. It's better lower anyway, especially if you have kids and can help you reduce your water heating bill.

cutting costs on garbage collection services

3. Save Money on Your Garbage Bill

Most of us pay our trash bill and think it's a mandatory expense that has zero wiggle room, but that's not true. Take a look at your monthly bill and see what you are being charged. Can you downsize to a smaller can or remove the yard waste service during the winter? You can reduce your trash by looking at the waste your family produces and see how you can recycle more materials {since in most areas recycling is a free service} and use a smaller trash can.

save money on water use and other money saving ideas for a no spend month

4. Save Money on Cable and Internet

I wrote a HUGE post on how to save money on cable in 2012 and you guys, it's almost an obsolete post now. There are so many streaming services now that you can literally cut your cable bill and never notice a difference. Gone are the days of huge cable packages, unless you are still holding on, then I'd encourage you to call your cable company and see what your options are, and now there are numerous options for streaming. 

We get Netflix streaming for free with our cell phone provider and Amazon Prime has free video services that most people forget about. Hulu is another streaming service many people get "for free" with various subscriptions. 

Internet, especially when you are streaming all these devices, needs to be fast! But those cable and internet providers will often rope you in with a limited-time deal in hopes that you forget about it. Check out your bill and call into the loyalty department {sometimes called customer retention} to see what else your cable provider can offer. I have yet to walk away from a phone call not saving money. 

Other ways to save:

Consider changing out your lightbulbs to LED or fluorescent light bulbs as your bulbs burn out. 

Install weather stripping to make sure your home is airtight around doors and windows.

Consider installing ceiling fans in rooms. Ceiling fans can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Take part in a utility audit. Local utility companies will provide an energy-use audit for free. Check out your local utility company's website for more information. 

When it comes to saving money on utilities, there are lots of ways to cut money and save. Take a look at your current bill, call the number and ask for ways to save directly from your provider. You might be surprised at how much money you can shave off of a monthly bill you thought was non-negotiable.

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