Having fun isn't hard if you've got a library card!

My kids used to love Arthur.  And I must confess, I kind of liked him too.  One song that they had on in the show that often times gets stuck in my head is this one.

Yep, having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card.

I love our library. 

 I sort of have a little book ADD.  I hate to read the same book more than once.  Which, as you know, is a bit hard when the kiddos are little.  I used to take the kids at least once a week to the library to get new books.  Mostly for my sanity.

This weekend my oldest son and I were invited along on a quick field trip to Washington DC.  And by quick I mean, almost more time will be spent on the plane than on the ground.  After a facebook poll of my friends I had a list of books to put on my library account.  Several of the titles had waiting lists that were going to take months!

I asked my son what books he wanted to read and had a list from him.  The top left one was the only one he requested, the other three were ones I think he would like.

While I was there, I found a few books that were on my list.  Notice the Lucky Day stickers.  

There is a special section at each of our neighborhood libraries called Lucky Day.  These are books that are popular and have many requests and holds on them. These particular books with stickers are not allowed to be held and are placed in a special section where if you find one that you have been wanting to read ("Unbroken" has been on my list for a few weeks) it's your Lucky Day!

Go have fun at your library today...it's not hard!


Unknown said...

We all love the library, too. My kids stop there on their way home from school and check out tons of books. So fun!


Frugal Down Under said...

I'm a library freakkkk. We usually go every Sunday and them other days too if I can squeeze it in and the different libraries have different books on offer.

One has a great craft selection,
another has great gardening books,
another has great DVD selection
and another has great money books.

Plus they all offer the best kids activities.

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