Monthly onesies in action!

Do you all remember my 12 months of onesies that I posted about hereand here?

No, o.k. here's a refresher.
I'm seeing these onesies pop up all over.  
I wish I had made some when my kids were babies.

You can find the tutorial for them here.

It's been fun to see the onesies being modeled by their sweet little recipients.

Let me introduce you to my niece Brielle

and our cousin (once removed or something...) Trevi

Aren't they just precious?!


Unknown said...

Love it! And both babies are too sweet for words. My sister in law is due tomorrow so I should totally make her some of these!

Anonymous said...

So are you going to start making these, Rachel? If you are, let me know. I'll take a set please!

Anna at said...

Could these be any cuter? Seriously!

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