One of my favorite things-corn filled heat sacks

I am always cold.

My friend Stephanie started selling something she calls Hot Sacks.
As Stephanie puts it, Hot Sacks are therapeutic corn bags meant to bring you an overall feeling of wellness. Hot sacks can be used hot or cold and come in various sizes.

We bought several hot sacks from Stephanie last year at a local craft fair that she was at.  We were hooked.
The kids love to heat their hot sacks up just before bedtime and push it to the bottom of their bed.  It helps their toes stay nice and toasty.

I know some people have these filled with rice, but we like the corn filled bags better because they stay warmer longer.

During the winter I almost always have my hot sack in my lap if I am working at the computer, reading or watching TV.  I heat it up for 3 minutes in the microwave and it stays warm for almost an hour.  Then I heat it up again.

I have made a few hot sacks myself because there is that kind of demand at our house.  I even made one for a friend who said her newborn didn't like to be put down in her crib after falling asleep on her.  The hot sack helps warm the babies sheets and makes it nice and cozy for the transfer to the crib.
You can buy these quality hot sacks here.  Because of my friendship with Stephanie I won't post my own tutorial.  I already feel bad enough that I didn't buy of ours from her. 
With the power of the internet, you can google "corn filled heat sack tutorial" and find a tutorial that may inspire you, (check out No Big Dill).   Now you can make your own and stay warm and cozy as the temperature starts to fall.


Craftcherry said...

I keep meaning to make these. Got all the materials, just need to sit down and do it! My feet would love a couple right about now!

jennyandteddy said...

I will try to make one, thank you for sharing.

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