Sometimes...random thoughts with Rachel

Sometimes we pull kids teeth out with floss and the quick slam of a door
Sometimes I make a list and add items after I've done them just to cross them off
Sometimes I leave the list out so my husband can find it
Sometimes I sing the wrong words to songs
Sometimes I wish I had pre-schoolers again
For 10 years I had toddlers/pre-schoolers.  I miss play dates, and zoo trips and bounce houses.
Sometimes I quote movie lines
Talladega Nights
Sometimes its nice that my kids don't start school until 9:30
We get to read and play games in the mornings together
Sometimes I get more zits now than I did when I was a teenager
Sometimes I get a craving for chocolate and chips while I watch The Biggest Loser
sometimes I eat  them while I watch too
Sometimes I sing songs out loud to my kids then realize the words are really inappropriate
Sometimes I dig box tops and soup labels out of the garbage can
Sometimes I take the coupon inserts out of the newspaper at the library
Sometimes I dig through the trash to get those store coupons that people throw away
Sometimes I run out of things to blog about.


Unknown said...

Just found your blog this morning...went from Miss Mustard Seed to The Painted Turtle to Sisters of the Wild and finally to Holy Craft. I loved the flowers for the belt, the coffee filter flowers the GF recipes and low and behold the PB knock-off...I've been 'gathering' to do the same KO!...Except my postmark will be Enumclaw!...I'm assuming you're from the PNW since the postmark you chose was Seattle...amazing the circuitous route it took to find someone in my backyard! OK, now that I've rambled about all that, I have a question about your banana/CC brownies...(I have been around your blog!)...What do you do to the recipe to adjust it to GF?...I have a neice with celiac and love coming up with surprise treats. I think I'll try the kale chips too!...Hopefully the blog block will pass soon...I'll be back...Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire

aiz said...

Lol..... Sometimes i do too.... All that you have listed.... Too funny

Anonymous said...

I would give anything to hear you sing Snoop Dog :)

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