10 Things to Cut from Your Budget

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses is by cutting things from your budget. While these might hurt a little bit now, they can help you save more money and help you on your journey toward financial freedom. If you are looking for a few tips for cutting your expenses, here are ten things to cut from your budget.

how to live well on a budget

10 Things to Cut From Your Budget

living well on less and cutting unnecessary expenses from your budget


Change Your Cell Phone Plan

Many cell phone plans have way more perks than you will ever use! While these may have wowed you while signing up for them, they’re likely not getting any usage. Consider lowering your data plan or even changing to a different carrier.

If you have multiple people in your home, consider bundling into a family plan to save money. Look for options. Spend some time doing some research on what plans are available and consider making the switch.


Cut Your Cable Bill

Stop paying money for cable and consider using a streaming service instead to watch your favorite shows. You may find that the lack of TV options allows you to spend more time on your hobbies and with your family.


Sell Your Extra Car

Have multiple cars in your family? Consider selling a vehicle to save money on gas, insurance, and more! This might not be a good idea for everyone, but it could help you out if you’re looking for some quick cash.

save money at the warehouse club


Cancel Warehouse Club Memberships

Warehouse club memberships are not going to be a good deal for you unless you are saving the cost of your membership and then some! Save your money and put that $50+ toward something more important.

You might also find that you are spending more because you are tempted by the warehouse deals. I know this tempts me. I had to cut my Costco membership for about five years and I didn't miss it.

Want to read more about why I hate Costco?


Stop Eating Out

There is no benefit to your wallet when it comes to eating out! If you need to save money, cut this expense!

Track your eating out expenses and you'll probably be shocked! This shock alone may make eating at home easier. 

gardening and growing your own produce and flowers


Grow Your Own Produce

Stop buying all of your produce from the store and start a home garden instead! You can grow green peppers and tomatoes easily and save yourself a few dollars here and there on produce!

You can find 5 easy veggies to grow this summer here

New to gardening? Start here.

Stop Buying Snacks and Junk Food

If you are still in the mood for snacks and junk food, you’re probably not eating enough nutritious food at mealtimes! Cut these or even reduce them from your grocery bill.


Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions or Memberships

Spotify, YouTube Red, and all kinds of other expenses add up quickly, and you spend money on them without even realizing it! Look and see if you’re getting your mileage out of these services and consider canceling.

When I took a look at my various expenses during the no spend challenge in January, I ended up saving thousands of dollars each year!


Refuse Items You Don’t Need

An excellent freebie is always good, but if you are continually buying items you don’t need, then you are wasting money! Refuse to spend money on things you don’t need or will cause you to spend more money on that item in the future, such as a Soda Stream or an expensive coffee maker that requires expensive coffee like Kcups.

I don't mention coffee lightly, in fact, if it saves you money so you don't make a stop at the local coffee shop, great. But if you are buying gadgets you won't use, stop yourself.

Do impulse buys get you every time? I'm explaining the real cost of the impulse buy here. 

buying clothes second hand


Stop Buying New Clothes

Used clothes are a fraction of the cost of a new pair of clothes! Not only will this help reduce waste, but you can find clothes that are basically new from thrift stores and online marketplaces.

I have a few favorite thrift shops locally, but I love ThredUP for online thrift shopping. I always check there first! Want to give it a try? I've got a link for you to try so you can save $10 off your first order. Easy as that. Just click here.

I've got tips so you can buy second-hand clothes for the whole family. 

If you are tight on money or just looking to free up your budget for more savings, these tips will come in handy!

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