Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home

The older I get, the more I like to get my hands dirty in the garden. I really don't know what I'm doing, but thankfully, I am not afraid to get out there and try. I think that's what holds a lot of us back. But now, with plenty of time on our hands, and nowhere to go, why not try gardening this spring? You've probably already got a yard full of plants, and if you are like me, you might even have a stash of seeds somewhere too. I've got some gardening ideas for you for when you are stuck at home.
spring planting tips

 Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home

spring garden and planting tips
I have planted my fair share of seeds, starts, and blooms, and had successes and failures. I think one of the best ways to learn is through trial and error. Every home is different, every soil is different, every location and temperature is different, so there is no right way to plant a garden. 

Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home
Some tips for first time gardening success

  • walk around your neighborhood and see what plants your neighbors are successfully growing
  • take photos of plants you like
  • remember that you will fail, but you can learn from your failures
  • start small
  • take some time to improve your soil
  • consider a container garden or a raised bed

With the restrictions on our daily life, gardening is probably going to look a little different in the days of COVID-19. I have plenty of plants that can be divided this spring, and if you can keep at a safe distance, my guess is, your neighbors do too. 

Looking for 5 easy to grow veggies to plant this spring? Look no further!

Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home

Divide your Plants

My mom likes to tell the story of a neighbor we had. The first summer we lived there, my mom had asked if she could take a start from one of her plants for our garden. The neighbor looked at her with a very quizzical look and my mom had to ask her where she thought plants came from. The neighbor responded, "well, from the nursery of course!"

Narrator: they do not

The first time you divide your plants, it will feel scary, but spring is the perfect time to see what is sprouting up, and dig up bulbs and divide the plants to scatter around your yard or share them. 

If you know what plant it is, google it. Seriously, it's as easy as that. Google how to divide hostas or peonies or whatever, and I promise, Mr. Google will have an answer for you.

I got some succulents from a garage sale once and paid about $5 for a whole flock of hens and chicks. 

Those puppies are hardy and they grow like crazy. If you have succulents, those are a great first plant to try to divide and replant.

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Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home

Improve your Soil

You may not be able to go to the store to pick up fertilizer or fresh soil. There are lots of ways to improve the soil that you have.

Want to start some seeds at home? Try these at home ideas. Promise, you aren't going to want to miss the DIY Toilet Paper planter.

Simple Homemade Plant Fertilizers

  • coffee grounds {Starbucks often offers bags of these free of charge}
  • grass clippings
  • eggshells {also good at keeping snails away}
  • cooking water 
I'm no expert in using these homemade fertilizers. Again, I turn to Mr. Google for help, these are just to highlight that you probably have what you need on hand to fertilize your plants and garden, no special trip to the store needed.

upcycled container planter ideas

Container Gardening

A great way to get started gardening is through container gardening. You can start seeds and plants in a container with the desire to transplant them to a larger space later, or you can create a container garden if you are limited to outdoor space and dirt. This is great if you live in an apartment or condo. 

There are lots of great containers out there, and now is the perfect time to update any worn-out containers you might have to something you want to see on your window ledge every day. 

Gardening Ideas for When you are Stuck at Home

Check out these great container DIY's

Looking to upcycle a little garden space? I've got some inspiration for you. 

DIY potting bench

All it took was a little paint and some plants!

I'm encouraging you to get outside! Get your hands dirty and start looking at the plants you already have in your garden. I'm sure you have a world of potential right out your door, all you need to do is get dirty!

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