Garage Sale Finds Friday-Garden Edition 51

Welcome back to another edition of Garage Sale Finds Friday.
Where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds.
Earlier this week, I was watering a few plants in my yard when I got to thinking that there are an awful lot of plants that I have gotten at garage sales.
In fact, one of my favorite places to get plants is at garage sales.
You can usually find some great deals on plants at garage sales and they are usually some of the healthiest plants I have seen.
Landscaping adds up, so it's nice to save when you can.
Today, I am going to share with you some of the plants that I have picked up at garage sales over the past few years.  I may not know their names, but I know what I like.

When the builder built our house they used spider plants in the landscaping.
Spider plants are the kind of plants that I like {spikey looking and green all year long}
but they are meant for a pot because they shoot out all of these starts and then those starts start taking over the whole garden.
It was a mess!

So after hours of back breaking labor
{by my husband not by me}
  {I would like to take some ownership for my fine delegation of the removal of said plants}
removed the spider plants and put these grasses {$6 total} from a garage sale
in their place.

{again I'm taking credit for the foresight to remove the plants and the quick replacement of something more awesome}
planted these spiky guys {no idea what they are called}
with the petunias in their place.

Originally the plants were potted and used as decor for either side of a doorway, however, I unplanted them
and used them as individual plants in the front garden.
Cost for both plants with their petunias?

I sort of have a love obsession with Hostas.
I don't know what it is, I just love how green and full they are.
{I hate their flowers though and will chop them off as soon as they bloom!}
Maybe it's because they are so low maintenance?
I rarely pass a Hosta up at a garage sale.
This guy cost me $5

 I also bought this group of three Hostas for $10

Continuing the trend of spiky grassy green plants, 
I love lilies!
Especially day lilies.
I'm sure these aren't all lilies, but let me remind you, I never claimed to be a master gardener!
I think there is a lemon lily or two in there.
I love that they bloom and stay green most of the spring and summer.
The fact that they have a flower that is gorgeous is a bonus!

I don't know what kind of plant this is.
It has cool pods on it though.
It may be a grass.
I like grasses too.
And also trash day.

What's that you say?
You have more lilies?
Yes, yes I do.
I typically pay around $2 for each plant and this whole side of my side yard is filled with garage sale plants.
If you put a gun to my head and I had to estimate how much I spent on this whole side yard landscaping I would tell you around $20 for everything you see.

The thing I love about buying garage sale plants is that not only can you find them cheap, you can also find mature sized plants without paying mature size prices.

 It's been a few years, but I showed you this little wooden planter that I bought as part of one of my first garage sale finds Friday's.
Well, it's got hens and chicks planted inside and is part of my backyard landscaping.
The hens and chicks were free from a friend at our old house and yes, I did dig them up and move them to our new house so sue me.

Earlier this year I decided I was finally ready to plant a vegetable garden.
However, mentioning that in May didn't seem to be enough time for my husband to whip together a raised vegetable garden bed for me.
{man, if only I knew how to work power tools...I could take over the world!}
I decided I wasn't going to have a veggie garden, but my 7 year old son wasn't so convinced.

Owen got very excited at Boy Scouts about growing seeds, so he decided on his very own to plant a garden.
It hasn't had the best drainage, or the best soil.
Lots of things have died {or been eaten by the dog}
but he's stuck with watering it nearly every day.

The $5 we spent on tomato plants seems to be paying off.
We will hopefully have some tomatoes from our garden soon!

And finally, my latest purchase was this deep purple Lilac bush.
I love Lilac's in the spring and this hearty guy {he's nearly four feet tall}
set me back $15 but I think he's worth it!
I can't wait to see it grow every year and make a beautiful bouquet in the spring from it's flowers.

And of course, the hosta that's photo bombing?
Yep, that's from a garage sale too.

That's a lot of garage sale plants!
Do you ever buy plants from somewhere other than a nursery?
Do share.
I love a good deal!

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suzieQ said...

Hi Rachel,

Question-does your planter have a bottom? If it doesn't, I believe you have a brick making mold.
I remember when I started gardening, I used to go to a friend who was very knowledgeable and she knew their Latin names...I never thought I would learn the names of my plants, though I still don't know their Latin names. I believe those pods are the seeds of the plants and you really should cut them off. All plants want to reproduce and produce seeds, if you cut the flowers off after they are past their prime, the plant will put it's energy into getting stronger roots, etc. instead of producing seeds. Believe the plant with the leaves that are standing straight up are Siberian iris.

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