Running week-running for a cause

This week, I have been focusing on running.
Mostly because running is what seems to be consuming my every thought since I am knee deep in training for my fourth half marathon in September.

I've had a new focus with running the past few weeks though.
A few weeks ago, my friend Paula
{as in the Paula from the Pillowcase Project}
posted on her facebook page something about running to the White House.
It took me a second to realize that it was a virtual run, because, heck, Paula is like that.
She would totally lace up her sneakers and Forest Gump herself across the United States all in the name of raising awareness.  Especially for something like raising awareness for childhood cancer.

She invited me to join her in logging my running miles,
miles I was already logging because of training,
and running for a child who has cancer.

Unfortunately, it didn't take her long to pair me with not just one child with cancer, but two.
Over the course of the past few weeks, I have gotten to know a little bit more about Rylee and Kyler's stories, and have spent hours in prayer for them {and their families} as I run.

I want to take a second to introduce you to one of those kiddos that I am running for.
His name is Kyler.
Kyler is 3.
He is fighting leukemia for the second time in his short life.
He loves Pizza Hut, he misses his dog Max and when he grows up he wants to be Captain America. 
AND Thor.

Kyler has a big sister who is 9 and is still in their home state of Montana with her Dad and his baby sister is just 3 months old and is with Kyler and his mom Misty at the Seattle Children's Hospital.
It's been a tough road for this family the least I can do is pray for them and dedicate my runs to this brave little guy who is WAY stronger than I could ever imagine to be.

I hear the defeat in Misty's posts as she writes about another set back.
I feel the anger at cancer as she deals with the effects of what it has done to her family.
I can sense the anxiety as she waits for another treatment or another test.
And I run.
It's all I can do.
It gives me a purpose and some mornings it's the only thing getting me out the door.
If you are interested in learning more about this virtual run, you can visit their page on facebook.
I love that I have had the opportunity to get a glimpse into these families.
Do you run for a cause?
Do you have a purpose for getting out there and logging miles?
I would love to hear about it.

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