Lawn art

I love to mow the grass.
It was one of those rare passions of mine for about 20 years.
As a teenager I loved making the lines in the grass and would gladly mow our acre yard with the push mower to make better lines than ride the riding mower {that we owned!} because it didn't give the same effect.
In our old cul de sac I would often mow three of my neighbors lawns just for fun because I knew they were busy.

All that mowing must have caught up with me because now I am super allergic.
Like so allergic that my eyes swell shut for days afterwards even if I have taken the maximum dose of allergy meds.  I was even on a prescription eye drops so that I could combat my allergies and while that bought me a few years, it wasn't a good solution.

My husband took over the lawn mowing last summer, and this summer we felt like our 14 year old was ready for the task! 
{and he was darn excited about the extra spending money!}

Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Aidan loves mowing the grass as much as his mama does, though he gets much more into it with lawn art and techniques.

This past week, he spent two hours laying out flags to mow the old Mariner's logo into the front lawn.

You can see that right?


He's watched dozens of you tube videos learning about weighting the back of the mower so that it will create the right drag to make noticeable stripes.

He's created geometric patterns in the grass.

And stuck with the tried and true stripe

He's mastered the diagonal.

 And is pretty darn good at the cross hatch.

We pay him $10 once a week.
But sometimes the kid is so excited about  mowing that he mows the grass three times in one week!
I'm thinking we are getting our monies worth!
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