Back to School Family Goal Setting

Every year our family has a tradition of setting goals for the upcoming school year.

You see, I hate New Year's Resolutions.
They are easily broken and quickly forgotten.

Every year though, our family starts a new school routine.
The kids get new teachers and new schedules, which makes the new school year a perfect time to start setting new school year goals.

Just before school starts but after all of the kids open houses, we head out for a special family dinner.
We chat at dinner about what the new school year will look like and we talk about our goals individually and as a family.

I keep the goals together in a spiral notebook.
It's fun to look back at the past years goals.

We can reflect on the things that worked, see how we have overcome struggles and fears and improve on the things that are working for our family.

How do you prepare to head back to school?

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