Rear facing they cause motion sickness?

I was at Traders Joe's this afternoon picking up vanilla rice milk and some petite cocoa batons {those things are delish!} when I saw a mom strolling around with a rear facing stroller.
I immediately felt car sick.
It's taken me some 30 some odd years to realize that if I am facing backwards while moving, I get car sick.
This could be rear facing in a gondola going up the mountain to ski, facing backwards down a water slide or {like when I was a kid} sitting in the coveted rear seat of the station wagon.
You know the one.
Everyone used to fight over the back seat.
Even I used to fight over the back seat.
"The Way Way Back"
About ten minutes in to any ride in the car I looked like this kid did.
I got nauseous and irritable.
I had classic car sickness symptoms.
Which is funny since just looking at the rear facing stroller made me conjure up those same feelings.
So I ask you?
Do you think kids in the rear facing car seats and strollers get car sickness more often than those facing forward able to see their world going by?
Man, I feel like I need to pop a Dramamine just thinking about it!


Unknown said...

All prams and push chairs used to be rear facing so the mother could talk to her baby and the baby could see her mother - that's what my babies had

Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

Interesting, I had never thought about that before! Our stroller was rear facing until I turned Levi around just this past month because he's too long and would kick me! lol

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