Everything You Need to Survive Quarantine

We live in the greater Seattle area, the epicenter of COVID-19. After my no-spend challenge month in February, our home was in desperate need of toilet paper. Like, down to the last few rolls desperate. I didn't realize the dire situation we were in until I walked the aisles of my Costco and shelves were empty. Mind you, there were full shelves of cleaning products and soap {at that time}, but there was zero toilet paper and bottled water. These times we are in are a little crazy. I'm not remembering anything like this. Ever. I don't know anyone {right now, thankfully!} diagnosed with Coronaviris, but we have all been affected in some way by interruptions to our daily life.

I'm thinking it's safe to say that we should be prepared for anything. Not in a panic, but just a general, get yourselves ready. The polite buzzword I'm hearing around Seattle is "social distancing", others call it self-quarantine. As Coronaviris upends our life, here are some things that you might need in order to prepare to be home during this outbreak.

How to Prepare for Self-Quarantine

1. Food Delivery

Your local grocery stores will have local food delivery in case you can't visit the store. You can also order from the Amazon Pantry. It might be a good time to try a meal delivery service too. Right now you can try HelloFresh and get $90 off plus free shipping.  It might be worth the try, and you can incorporate some home ec. lessons in there for your kids too. {It's one of the 10 life skills your teen needs before they move out!}

You can try to plan meals like I did and eat from your pantry. Most of us have more food at home than we think we do, so start taking inventory of what you have, and what you can make with those items. 

If you have a small local restaurant consider supporting them right now. Small businesses are being hit HARD right now, so consider ordering Uber Eats or Door Dash and support their businesses.

2. Streaming Services

Now is a good time to join a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video. Ask your friends what they are watching and enjoy a good binge session. I've got a few juicy options, so hit me up on social media and I'll share what I'm watching!

3. Books

I love a good podcast, audiobook or regular book, but already our library has been limiting service and hours, so why not download the Libby app and see what's available. There are lots of things your library offers and you don't even have to walk through their doors to enjoy them. You can also find lots of great books here

I'm reading this book right now for book club and I'd HIGHLY recommend it. 

4. Get your Workout On!

Pretty sure your local gym is a petri dish of germs. I stopped going to a gym and have been working out at home for more than two years. I love using Openfit, a trainer-led fitness app. You can take live or on-demand classes and join anything from kickboxing to barre to running classes. You can try a session for free and decide what you think. 

Might be a great way to get those endorphins up so you don't want to kill the people around you! Oh, and a little cardio won't kill you either.

5. Clean the House

I've been doing extra cleaning around the house with bleach wipes and an alcohol solution that I make. You don't have to go crazy, just consider it a little early spring cleaning. This steam machine is one of my favorite household appliances. You can use it to clean all kinds of surfaces in your home and in your car. High-temperature steam like this one kills bacteria. So use it as you clean your house.

I always add in a few of my favorite essential oils when I clean so at least the house smells good. Tea Tree oil and Lemongrass are my favorite. You can find them here and if you use code 
RACHELFREE you can get a free box of bonus items to get you started using essential oils.  Bonus, the essential oil subscription box will give you everything you need plus recipes so it's a good afternoon of activity from whatever mind-numbing activity you were doing. I've made everything from homemade makeup to sugar scrubs and bath bombs.

6. Wash Your Hands

You should always wash your hands. Wash them more now, use soap {get this pack of three because you will run out!} and wash them for at least 20 seconds. Wash them if you are just home with your family. Wash them especially because you are home with your family. Change your hand towel often, and use some lotion after so your hands don't get dry. 

Want some tips on cleaning without harsh chemicals? Check out this post.

7. Activities to Keep Busy

Your kids are going to bounce off the walls, and you are going to go stir crazy, so why not gather up some supplies and start a new project. If you don't have a Cricut, get one, you can get pretty darn proficient on it and make just about anything. Find the sale items here, so you can stock up! 

If kids aren't in school, it doesn't mean they need to stop learning. They won't even know they are doing STEM activities with this kit. My kids loved these Snap Circuits sets! They could make doorbells, wire up radios, you name it, it was hours of fun.

LEGO kits are hours of fun. This one will keep you and your kids busy. 

These are a few of our family's favorite games 

Cover Your Assets
5 Second Rule

8. Support Small Businesses

Listen, small businesses are taking a hit right now. They need your support. Find a small business and place an on-line order from them. If you have a favorite local shop, call first to see if they are open and then go support them. It's a weird time we live in, but if you have the means to do so, go support a small business. I promise you, they need it. 

I'm sure all of the smart people around us will come up with a way to slow this virus down, but until then, prepare as much as you can, educate yourself from reputable news sources and stay healthy my friends. 

disclaimer: this post may have affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing through them, I may receive a small commission. These small purchases help me to continue to keep writing content and creating at Rachel Teodoro. Thank you!

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