How to Get the Fixer Upper Style from a Thrift Shop

If you’re on a tight budget or just looking for a few ways to save some money while giving your home the Fixer Upper treatment, you don’t have to look far to snag a great bargain. Thrift shops have so many great options that need a little coat of paint or some DIY work to give you that Fixer Upper look you’ve been dreaming of! Here is how to get the Fixer Upper style from a thrift shop.

fixer upper style on a budget

How to Get the Fixer Upper Style from a Thrift Shop


Wooden Crates

wooden crates for fixer upper style

Wooden crates are a common item you’ll find at nearly any thrift store. When used well, you can combine them to make a beautiful storage piece for your home that’s stylish. If you can find them, try and get an old soda crate. These can be a little bit pricer, but they add a nice vintage look to your home decor! Stack them together to make a little side table, or use them for built-in storage for things like movies or books.


Upcycle Old Windows

You’ll be able to find old windows in nearly every thrift shop you go to. They may need a little sprucing up, but they’ll look so pretty hanging on a wall in your home. To give them that signature Fixer Upper style, I recommend painting them. When painting your windows, just make sure that you find paint made for glass; otherwise, the paint will start to chip off.

use a vintage tool box as home decor

Tool Boxes

Toolboxes are another great find while you are thrifting. You can make wood or metal toolboxes into planters using a little DIY magic. Find an old toolbox that you love, and add some mason jars into the toolbox. Then, add in your plants of choice. You could also use them to grow fresh herbs for your kitchen! These would make a great addition to your table for decor or a functional planter in your kitchen.

I have a whole blog post on how to style a holiday tool box! Find it here.

fixer upper style on a thrift shop budget


Thrift stores always have an abundance of chairs, which make them perfect for you! Look in your thrift store for traditional style armchairs. Just make sure your chair is in good condition, or you could end up spending a lot of time and work trying to fix it up. If your chair has some damaged upholstery, you can reupholster it using your own fabric to give the chair a complete makeover! These chairs are usually cheaper, and reupholstering a chair isn’t as hard as it sounds!

Did you know you could paint fabric? I've got the full tutorial here!

metal storage baskets

Metal Baskets

If you have watched Fixer Upper, then you know how much Joanna loves a good metal basket! In thrift shops, they are on nearly every shelf of the store! These are great for storage, and they are so cheap! Store-bought baskets tend to be a lot more expensive, starting at around $30, but I’ve found that you can get metal baskets at a thrift store for just a few dollars!

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fixer upper style on a flea market budget

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your home that Fixer Upper style you’ve been dreaming of! With some searching and some DIYing, you can easily make some of these thrift store finds into the perfect Fixer Upper piece for your home.

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