When is the Best Time to Visit Magnolia Market? Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Visit to Waco, TX

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I'm kind of a self-proclaimed Magnolia Market pro. I have been visiting since 2015 just months after the Silo doors opened to the public and the new Disneyland-like location was opened and I've visited handfuls of time since. It's funny, Waco, Texas didn't use to be on the map as a significant tourist destination and now it's flooded with visitors. I've gone from seeing the store mostly empty to seeing lines snake around buildings with people craning their necks just to get a glimpse of the grounds. 
People stand in line for hours to get a box full of cupcakes and plan a whole trip around a visit to Magnolia Market, so how can you best use your time and when is the best time to visit the Silos? I've got some tips from current employees and from previous experience that will help you plan the right time to visit Magnolia Market.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Magnolia Market

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The Best Time of Year to Visit Magnolia Market

Waco, Texas is home to Baylor University. My son is a college student attending the university, which is why I get the opportunity to visit more frequently than others. That said, Waco is a college town. The football games get crowded with spectators and certain times of the year will see more traffic to the town because of events at the university like move-in days in the summer or graduation in the spring. 
I've been pleasantly surprised when I visited Magnolia Market in early August to help my son with his dorm move in. It was unseasonably cold and rainy which might have helped but it was just before the rush of the upperclassmen moving back to campus, which brings back a student body of about 17,000.
Guess what I'm saying is, keep in mind that there is more to Waco than the Market. Check the university calendar and keep in mind that if you book a trip to the Silos over a football weekend you may have a hard time booking a place and expect the rates to be double.

Weather in Waco, Texas

Keep in mind the weather in Waco, Texas is all over the place. It's HOT and humid in the summer and cold and windy in the winter. It's not uncommon for it to snow. It's generally pretty mild and warm {low 60's-mid 70's} from March until June and September until early December.

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Magnolia Market Events 

These are some of the Events you might want to get on the calendar. That is if you don't mind a crowd and really want to experience Magnolia Market in the fullest capacity. Again, as with the University calendar, the local hotel and rental accommodations are becoming aware of the demand Magnolia Market events create and may raise prices.

Spring at the Silos-

Spring at the Silos is a free vendor fair with extra food trucks, amazing photo ops and lots of great shops that come off the pages of their beautiful Instagram accounts and onto the grounds of Magnolia. I'm not sure my wallet could handle this one, though it seems like a good time to visit and usually falls during Baylor University's spring break so the campus and surrounding area is less crowded.


Celebrated in the fall around the time of the Silos grand opening, this annual event is one of the highlights of the year. It's always followed by an after-hours Johnny Swim concert and once again, vendors from all over the US and yummy food to treat the taste buds.

Christmas at the Silos-

I sent my college-aged son on a rainy December day to shop the vendors at Christmas at the Silos this past year. I was jealous I wasn't there but turns out, not really anyone was there. I'm not sure how much longer this one will stay on the calendar the way it was with outdoor vendor locations but you can also find fun family activities, a Christmas concert and more. 
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Does it Cost Money to Visit Magnolia Market?

It's free to visit Magnolia Market! That is if you can make sure you reign in your spending at the store! Chip and Joanna Gaines' goal from the get-go have been to create a fun inviting environment where visitors stay awhile. Food trucks line the parking lots, the bakery is nearby, and you might even get sucked into a game of corn hole or pass time sitting on the swings! With this in mind, it doesn't cost a dime to visit, but you will probably be spending money while you are visiting the grounds.

How Long do People Spend at Magnolia Market?

You can spend anywhere from a few minutes to hours at Magnolia Market! On average, plan for at least two hours on the grounds. 

Will I Be Able to Visit Chip and Joanna Gaines?

In the early years, you might have gotten lucky with a visit from Chip and Joanna, but as their popularity soared, they tend to visit the Silos when the gates are closed for the evening. They've been known to host private parties on the grounds for their friends and family but they generally enjoy the quiet from the crowds. Local store owners from some of Joanna's favorite shops have also said that they have special shopping "after" hours, so Joanna can shop without the crowds. The fans are fiercely loyal, and outside of special events, you will probably not "run into" them. 

What Time of Day Should you Visit Magnolia Market?
Magnolia Market is open from 9-6 Monday-Saturday. The store is busiest around lunchtime. If you can avoid a visit on Saturday, do that because the shop sees the most visitors on Saturday. The store is usually quietest around the opening and closing hours of the day.
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What Time of Day Should you Visit Magnolia Table?

Magnolia Table is open from 6-3 Monday-Saturday. I have heard stories of people not being able to get on the wait list for Magnolia Table during a visit, so if it's important to you, get there early. And I mean early. People line up outside as early as 5 am. It's not uncommon for people to show up early, get your name on the waitlist and then return to your hotel or accommodations to get ready for the day before returning to be seated. This may be your best bet to get a seat at The Table if you are interested.

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The Magnolia Table kitchen closes at 3 pm, so based on wait times, the wait list may be closed before then to ensure people can order their food before the kitchen closes. 

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What Time of Day Should you Visit Silos Baking Co?

The Silos Baking Co. is open from 7:30-6 Monday-Saturday. When the Silos Baking Co. first opened, I never waited in line but on recent visits, the line has snaked around the building to get in. The employees do their best to make the line move quickly giving you order forms in line, but if the sun is hot, and you have restless kids, a long line may not be manageable. 

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The Silos Baking Co. opens nearly two hours before Magnolia Market, so that's your best time to visit even if a cupcake at 7:30 am doesn't sound appealing they keep well and are in the cutest package so you can save it and do your best to avoid the long lines later in the day. 

What is the Best Day to Visit Magnolia Market?

Weekdays are generally best and mid-week is even better. I honestly think it comes down to what time you visit versus what day though. Go early or just before closing and enjoy fewer crowds.

visiting waco texas

Extra Tips for Visiting Magnolia Market

Parking is free at Magnolia Market so it's fine to come and go to the property throughout the day. If you visit at a busy time, you may have better luck parking downtown and taking the Silos District Trolly but I've never struggled to find street parking if the attached parking lot was full, even on the busiest of days. 

There are restrooms located outside of the main building and those usually have shorter lines the ones inside. 

If you are making a purchase, there are several registers located throughout the Magnolia Market campus. The front registers usually get the largest lines first. 

Many items you see at Magnolia Market can be purchased online and shipped for free to your home. There are often discounts on your online purchase too. If you sign up for their email you get a code for 15% off your total.

disclaimer: this post may have affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing through them, I may receive a small commission. These small purchases help me to continue to keep writing content and creating at Rachel Teodoro. Thank you!

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Hi Rachel!! I love reading all of your blogs and have been for awhile now!! I noticed you had said that you can purchase Magnolia pieces online and shipping is free. I have purchased several pieces from them online and the only times it’s free is when they offer a special free shipping deal which isn’t often. Just thought you would want to know this!! Thank You for your fun blog with great info and ideas I soo enjoy!! Sincerely, Miriam Hartz

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