5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Seabrook, WA

This not so hidden gem of the Washington coast is worth planning a trip to. My family has been visiting Seabrook, Washington since 2008 and for more than a decade we've seen the town grow and change and morph into the perfect beach destination. Our kids all love it because it's such a perfect family vacation spot and it also makes the perfect girlfriends get away too. Seabrook is located just 2.5 hours outside of Seattle, so it's an easy drive to get away from it all. Here are my top 5 reasons to plan a trip to Seabrook, WA now!

visit the coastal town of Seabrook WA

5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Seabrook, WA

visit Seabrook wa the coastal beach town

Seabrook is Family Friendly

One of the best things about the community of Seabrook is how family friendly it is.  When we came to Seabrook years ago, we were visiting with four other families.  All of us had young children at the time, and we were impressed at how stocked each home was with baby toys, baby gates, and plastic baby utensils.  They had thought of everything!

Traveling with kids isn't always a vacationWe learned early on that if we went on vacation with our kids we called it a trip.  Five people stuffed in a small hotel room with two double beds isn't always conducive to good sleep or high family morale. Homes at Seabrook have fully equipped kids rooms with bunk beds, game centers, closets full of toys and games and more!

It's a trip not a vacation when traveling with kids!

visit seabrook washington the coastal beach town

Seabrook is Dog-Friendly

We love our dogs, and we love when we get to bring them along on trips with us. The dog-friendly homes we've stayed at have all had pet bowls, fenced yards and special attention to details like dog leashes, chew toys and pet beds.

The Homes are Fully Equipped

Seriously. Every home I've stayed in at Seabrook, which has been more than a handful, has had everything we could ever need and more. One home even provided coats for the chilly beach walks, another had enough serving platters to host Thanksgiving for an army! The details homeowners think of to make your stay more comfortable goes above and beyond anything you could think of.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Seabrook has plenty to explore outdoors. The paths to the beach are paved with crushed oyster shells, and the paths to parks are paved with bark. There are fairy gardens, dog parks, community fire pits, playgrounds and of course the ocean to explore at Seabrook. Pack the family bikes and stroll the streets. You can park your car and walk everywhere in this adorable town. The town is designed around the idea that everything should be within a 5-minute walk and it is.

visit coastal homes in seabrook wa

Slow Down at Seabrook

I was chatting with a friend the other night about Seabrook and there is something about this town that just makes you slow down. It takes you back to the heart of community because it's a town that is so focused on connectedness.  I had the chance to visit a few years back and take a tour of the town with its founder and I was impressed at how intentional the planning was. I think this intentionality immediately slows us all down and brings us back to the roots of family and relationship. 

Seabrook founder Casey Roloff
One of the things I will never forget from the home tour was this. Sidewalks are sometimes as close as four feet away from the homes depending on the height of the porch and the distance to the curb.  According to Casey, this is to make it awkward enough that you are encouraged to communicate with your neighbors as you pass by. You can read more about the town here:

A tour of Seabrook with the town's founder Casey Roloff

It's worth a visit to Seabrook. I think you will love this sweet little town as much as our family does. Every time I visit there is something new to explore so I'm looking forward to my next visit. This time on a girlfriends getaway. 

Have you been to Seabrook? What's your favorite part?

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