Everything You Need to Know About Shopping at the New Magnolia Warehouse

Everyone's favorite Fixer Upper's are at it again! They are not only expanding their family {Joanna Gaines is expecting baby number 5!}, they have reopened their "little shop on Bosque." The Fixer Upper couple opened their first shop in 2003, but after the birth of her first child and the feeling that she was missing out on raising her family, she felt called to close the store. Chip and Joanna reopened the shop in 2014 and the crowds grew and they moved into the new Magnolia Market Silos location in Downtown Waco. The Fixer Upper love has not died down and crowds are still flocking to Waco, Texas. The Magnolia Warehouse has opened up in the old shop to act as a discount stop for decor and home items offering slightly damaged and last chance items. I happened to be in Waco, Texas the first weekend the new Magnolia Warehouse shop was open and I've got everything you need to know before go!

fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

Everything you Need to Know Before You Visit the New Magnolia Warehouse

fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

A Little History of Magnolia Market

After the little shop on Bosque was closed, Joanna continued to sell old architecture, greenery and unique pieces out of her home a few times a year. Joanna Gaines started to feel that old tug on her heart to reopen the shop and in May of 2014, the shop at 3801 Bosque Blvd. reopened. It wasn't long before the crowds grew and they moved into the new Magnolia Market Silos location downtown Waco. 

Twice a year, Magnolia Market would hold a warehouse sale in a local events center. You can only imagine how much manpower would be involved in this two day event. You could find furniture and decor items that were used in the staging of the homes seen on TV because we all know they don't get to keep the furniture on Fixer Upper. You could also get deep discounts on last chance and slightly damaged products.

Lindy Ermoian a season 3 client on Fixer Upper told me that she shopped one of the Magnolia Warehouse sales and found some of the items Joanna Gaines used in the staging of her home at a deeply discounted price.

The Magnolia Warehouse on Bosque is now going to be the place where you can shop to get all of these items instead of the twice yearly sales.

There are Limited Hours at the Magnolia Warehouse

Be prepared when planning your trip to Waco. The Magnolia Warehouse has limited hours. It's currently only opened Thursday-Saturday from 10-5. 

fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

The Magnolia Warehouse is Crowded!

The small shop closed for a reason. It just can't hold the large amount of visitors that come to Waco to visit Joannaland. To be fair, I did visit on a Saturday afternoon on opening weekend, however, the small shop doesn't allow a lot of room to spread out. The lines weren't long at check out, it really is just a small shop.

There are Limited Quantities at the Magnolia Warehouse

If you see something you want, grab it! There are limited quantities of most of the items so if you think you might want something grab it and hold on to it. 

fixer upper, joanna gaines, magnolia market

There are Deals to be Had at Magnolia Warehouse

The discounts started at 30% off the original price. Many items I saw were 50-60% off and some were 90% off. Everything is on sale and you will find a deal!

The Shelves are Restocked Daily at Magnolia Warehouse

I spoke with an employee at the Magnolia Warehouse and she told me that as soon as they had a hole on the shelves, they would find an item to restock. Many of the items they had currently in the restock area were duplicates of items they had for sale on the floor, however, the store is getting shipments daily from the Silos and it's always a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find!

fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

All Sales are Final 

The Magnolia Warehouse is the last stop. Many of the items I saw that were deeply discounted were damaged but still usable. I picked up a large garden urn that I saw available on the floor of Magnolia Market for half off. It looked like it had been dropped a time or two, but I thought it actually added character, so I didn't mind the damage. 

The books I saw looked like they were floor samples and I did see some lamps I'm assuming were used during the staging of Fixer Upper. There was no shortage on candles, it just looked like they ordered too many and didn't sell them. But you know how I feel about the Magnolia candles
fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

If you want my advice, I would recommend stopping at the Magnolia Warehouse before you hit the Magnolia Market. I like a good deal though. Be impulsive. If you think you might want it, buy it! The original Magnolia Market price is attached so you know the kind of deal you will be getting. If you are from out of town and need to ship items, the Market offers free shipping for purchases over $100. I bet they would be kind enough to let you combine your Magnolia Warehouse purchases for shipping. It's worth asking. I would!

fixer upper, magnolia market, joanna gaines

Happy shopping!

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