When Disaster Strikes You Can Help

When Disaster Strikes You Can Help 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Red Cross for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was driving down the hill to volunteer in my daughter's second grade class when I saw the flames. I had seen the home being remodeled from the outside in for the past few months and it seemed like they had moved to the interior renovations. I pulled over to the other side of the street about a football fields length away and I could still feel the heat coming from the home. I called 911 as I watched a family's home be destroyed. The roof over their heads was collapsing and their cherished possessions inside were destroyed. I pulled away as I heard the sirens approaching in the distance and couldn't help but wonder what it was that I could do to help this family who in a matter of minutes had lost everything. Nearly every eight minutes, the American Red Cross meets a family that has lost everything to a home fire or other disaster. 

While it's our desire to do whatever we can to help-to compile bags of clothing and household items for the family from our excess, we don't have the experience to respond to those immediate needs the way that the American Red Cross does. 

On March 28, you can unite with thousands of people just like you that want to help during a disaster but aren't quite sure how. On American Red Cross Giving Day you can make a difference. If we can each #help1family when disaster strikes think of the impact that could have? Your gift of $88.50 can provide a family with a day's worth of food, plus blankets and other essentials; those things we want to reach out to give, but we know we can't meet all the needs in a families time of crisis on our own but with the help of the American Red Cross, they know just what to do to help. 

Your gift can provide hope and critical relief to those families who need it the most.

Your donations now will support Red Cross Giving Day which is raising money to help support families after disasters big and small. If you were in need, you know you could count on the American Red Cross, wouldn't you want the same thing for your neighbor?

The family who lost their home that day had their immediate needs met by the American Red Cross. After the first responders, they were the first responders that were there providing support and guidance to the family. The community rallied around the family and donations and drives were held at my daughter's school where the family's children attended. After a disaster you never know who is going to be there to help, but you can always count on the American Red Cross. Thanks to the American Red Cross, they got the ball rolling to help the family start picking up the pieces so that they could rebuild. And rebuild they did! You can help provide that same support by making a donation on Red Cross Giving Day. 

Make an impact. #help1family Visit Red Cross Giving Day to learn more. GIVE NOW

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