Want to be on Fixer Upper? Advice From a Former Cast Member.

Trust me, it has crossed my mind to purchase a home in Waco, Texas for my son who attends Baylor University. I'd only do it if Chip and Joanna would be part of the remodel though. The Gaines family has said that Waco is their home and that they don't plan on extending beyond the 40 mile radius that they are currently working in for their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. If you happen to find yourself in that area or would consider a move, here is what you need to know about what it takes to be on Fixer Upper, advice straight from a former cast member.

Want to be on Fixer Upper? Advice from a Former Cast Member

Your Home Has to be a Mess!

The show requires at $30,000 in renovations to be done and show applicants have been turned away for not having enough wrong with their home. If you want to be selected for the show, a gut job is usually desired. Joanna really wants an inside and outside makeover.
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Pick Your Location With Care

As we have seen in the news recently, "the worst house in the best neighborhood" isn't always selected. Chip and Joanna can work a lot of magic on a home, but the real estates' mantra isn't location, location, location for nothing.

Work with What you Have

Lindy Ermoian had all of her home decor in storage. When she met the Gaines' for the design consult, she went to their home for a sit down. Lindy wishes she had known that she could have Joanna work with some of her furniture because she knows now that Joanna would have liked some of her pieces and could have used them in her design like she did with Jaime's blue buffet piece in The House in the Big Woods.

Show Your Style

While clients on Fixer Upper are asked to create a Pinterest board with renovation and home ideas, Lindy wishes she had taken pictures of her current home and shown her style to Joanna. Want to see Lindy's Pinterest board that she made for Joanna and the design team? Here it is!

Save Money for Furniture

When you hear Chip say "all in budget" most couples mean it. They want to go all in on the renovation budget and while most clients have a home full of furniture already, many do find pieces they would like to purchase after the reveal and they may not have the budget for those pieces. Because as we all know now, YOU DON'T GET TO KEEP THE FURNITURE

Take a peek into a Fixer Upper home before and after the staging. Here's a peek.

Shop the Magnolia Market Warehouse Sale

So this doesn't really just apply to those living in Waco that are eligible for the show, but the warehouse sale is worth the trip. Lindy Ermoain was not only on season 3 of Fixer Upper, she is also a fan of Fixer Upper. She shopped the Magnolia Market Warehouse Sale this summer and said that it's a sale not to miss. 

Many items you see used in staging of the Fixer Upper homes can be found at DEEP discount. Lindy was able to pick up several of the items that were used in the staging of her home at a fraction of the retail price. She also saw many other large furniture pieces that were part of other Fixer Upper homes you've seen on TV. So if you want to plan a trip to Waco, I'd plan it around the next warehouse sale if I were you.

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Christine said...

Chip and Joanna are the it couple right now! Too bad I love too far! My husband has been reading their books and is slightly obsessed!

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

They do beautiful transformations. I'd love to be on that show.

Unknown said...

I didn't know about this sale!!! Eeek...I'm going to be so poor once we move. Between Target and Magnolia Market and now this? #byebyemoney

Unknown said...

Aaaah!!! I want to be on fixer upper so bad!!! I would seriously sell my left kidney for a joanna gaines home. LOL. I live an hour outside of Waco. Too far you think? Probably. But wouldn't it be wonderful... ???

Catherine said...

I have really gotten into Fixer Upper lately because everyone I know loves it. It's such a fun show and I love finding new ideas.

rachelteodoro said...

Juli, I think the radius is like 40 miles outside of Waco...It's worth a shot!

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