The Grown-Ups Guide to Going Out

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Let me be honest with you. My husband and I...we don't get out much. Even now that we have kids that are older and can stay home by themselves, we rarely take advantage of that. I'm not sure why. Seriously, because every time we do get out, or if I go out with girlfriends or couples friends, it's inevitable that one of us will come home and say, "why don't we do this more often?" Every time without fail.

This may be a silly thing to write about, but if you have forgotten how to go out, this Grown-Ups Guide to Going Out may just help you remember how much fun it is to pull yourself together, put on something fancy and head out the door to remember just who you are and why you need to take time for you sometimes.

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The Grown-Ups Guide to Going Out

Plan Ahead

Part of the fun of a grown-ups night out is the planning. OK, maybe not so much the planning, but the anticipation. Line up those babysitters, make reservations and start making a plan so that you can get excited about your night out.

Pamper Yourself

Buy a new lotion or make-up item you don't normally use, maybe pick up a new shirt or dress for the event. Spend some time thinking about you. I know when I go out to shop, I rarely spend time looking for anything for myself. I usually buy something for the kids or for my husband, instead, you don't have to break the bank, but buy something that is out of the ordinary for you. I prepared for a recent date night by taking a bath in the afternoon just like I used to do to prepare for date nights before we were married.

Make it Meaningful

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I recently went out for an overdue anniversary dinner with my husband to the Seattle Space Needle where we got engaged nearly 20 years ago. Neither of us had been back to dine at the restaurant or retrace our steps from the night of our engagement, so it was fun to be doing that together. Choose something meaningful for you to do on your night out, even if it is something as casual as a paint and wine night with the girls or as sappy as an engagement night re-do.

Add some Sparkle

date night, girls night out, space needle, no kids, dates, seattle, downtown

There is nothing like wearing diamonds to make you feel like a million bucks. I don't own many diamond pieces, but the ones I do have, I wear them often. It doesn't have to be a special occasion. I recently fell in love with these triple row diamond hoop earrings from Ben Bridge. They are delicate and make a statement, but don't overpower an outfit. They merely add to it in the best way, which really makes the best accessory don't you think? I also put on this pear shaped diamond pendant when I want to add some bling to an otherwise plain LBD.  You can find more sparkle options from Ben Bridge Jeweler. I love that all of the pieces from Ben Bridge are ethically sourced from their countries of origin and they are timeless pieces that are constructed to withstand the trials of everyday life.

Make a Playlist

I am a strong believer in shared experiences and love how music can play into those shared experiences as a trigger. I know we all have a song that we can think of that when we hear it it reminds us of some event or person. Create a playlist you can share together in the car if you are driving together. Stick with songs that have meaning for you and your partner or something more upbeat and Karaoke worthy with friends.

date night, girls night out, space needle, no kids, dates, seattle, downtown

Hopefully these five tips will have you ready for a grown-ups night out. I need to remember to get myself out more often, and I bet you do too! Do you have any tips you would add? I'd love to hear them.

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