Money Making March Challenge: Put $500 In Your Pocket This Month!

We are closing out Frugal February and moving into Money Making March. How did it go with your no-spend challenge month? Did you participate? Even if you didn't, did some of the posts and challenges make you reexamine some of your spending habits? I know I stopped myself a few times from mindlessly scrolling on Amazon or popping on to other online stores just to take a look at their sales. I made a few minor purchase slip-ups, most of them were around the $5 mark so I call it a win. If you are new here, this year, my husband and I will be making the final payment on our home {the only debt we have}. I often get asked how we are able to live life like we do. I usually take this as a compliment because it means we are making frugal living look glamorous! I'm going to add $500 extra to my pocket this month. Want to know how? Keep reading for more!

money saving march

Money Making March Challenge

money making march

I started the year off with a series of monthly challenges. You can read January's challenge here {a pantry challenge} and February's challenge here {no spend challenge}. This month is Money Making March. That sounds fun, right? I'll be sharing a few side hustles you can do from home {promise there are no pyramid schemes or MLM's} and tips for making money by selling on Facebook Marketplace or on your local Craigslist or OfferUp sites. 

One of my favorite things to do is to find creative ways to save more money. Everyone can do this, I know you can too!

What are my goals for Money Making March?

I am going to try to find an extra $500 hidden around my home.

I'm not one of those people with money stuffed under the mattress! Nope, I'm going to take advantage of selling items our family is no longer using and try to make $500 this month. 

money making march challenge

What if I can't meet my goal?

If I can't meet my goal of $500 to set aside this month, I am going to take advantage of some side hustles I'll share more about in the next week.

Why $500? 

My husband and I will be taking a quick trip to visit our big kids in Boise, ID and $500 will cover most of the expenses for the weekend.

Why set goals like this if you already have the money?

This is my husband's mindset! We have the money, and we typically have a line item in our "extra" expenses for travel, which we've spent very little of in the past year. 

For me, I enjoy the challenge. 

I like knowing I can have control over our money and make it do what I want it to do, rather than letting money control me.

Want to join me?

Money challenges are always personal, so you need to set a goal that will be something you can work towards.  Check out this list to get your wheels turning and see if you have anything in your closets that could make you some money in March.

Some things you can sell to make more money:

Home Goods
Pet Supplies
Gently used clothing
Handmade items

Some people don't feel comfortable reselling items, if this is you, I'll be sharing some ways you can stuff some extra money in your pockets in March without selling anything, so stay tuned.

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