10 Habits of Lazy Women Who Always Have Clean Homes

We all have that one friend in our lives. They make cleaning their home look so attainable yet they are so lazy! It might feel like these women never leave the couch from their Netflix show, yet their homes are spotless! You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to have a clean home, in fact, here are habits of lazy women who always have clean homes that you can do yourself! 


10 Habits of Lazy Women Who Always Have Clean Homes


Begin with least-used rooms first

Want an easy win? Start with one of the rooms that doesn’t get as much traffic! It won’t be nearly as messy and a quick clean-up job. This can sometimes be just the boost you need to tackle a messy room.

Utilize your dishwasher

Your dishwasher can wash everything from plastic kid’s toys to of course the dishes. Use those extra spaces on the top rack for some extra deep cleaning jobs.

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Work top to bottom

Start from the top of your room and work to the bottom. This way you are only cleaning each area one time. This means start with the windows, fan blades, and work your way down until all that’s left is the floor.

I also learned from a cleaning crew that they always work from the top of the house to the bottom. If you are cleaning your whole house at once, it's worth trying!

Embrace storage bins and baskets

These can help you contain messes and help you quickly clean areas that need a speedy clean when company is coming by. This can also help reduce visual clutter and make picking up space go faster. These are a great buy and come in a bunch of colors to match your decor!

Start with the worst task first

Use up the majority of your energy by doing the worst task first. This way the rest of your cleaning tasks aren’t nearly as difficult and you can keep the momentum going.

Use the right cleaners for the job

Using the wrong cleaner or using the wrong type of cleaner can make something easy take forever! Be smart and read the labels if you’re not sure what cleaner you should be using. Don’t forget to give your cleaner time to do its thing by letting it sit for about five minutes.

My favorite cleaners are the ones that do double duty, so find ones that work on multiple surfaces. And don't forget to put them in a cleaning caddy so you can easily move them from room to room.


Dust before you vacuum

Let all the dust particles fall to the ground before you vacuum, this will make any room look much cleaner. This is also why the tip above worktop to bottom is so important!

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Tidy up as you go

If you clean up as you go, you’ll have a lot less to clean when it’s time to do your deep cleaning. When you use something put it away, when you’re done cooking do the dishes, following these steps will have your home clean in no time.

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Own less

If you don’t have as much stuff, you won’t have as much to clean! It might sound counterproductive, but it’s true! Think about how much time you are spending cleaning things you don’t even need.

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Clean things regularly

If you want to avoid having to deep clean and scrub things, try cleaning more often.

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tips for lazy housekeepers

No matter who you are or what kind of home you’re looking to achieve, you can easily implement these habits for the lazy mom who still wants a clean home.

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