10 Expert Tips for Selling Used Stuff Online

If you are new here, this year I've been focusing on money tips. One of my favorite things to do as a side hustle is to resell items. I buy a whole lot of my "stuff" used, and often at quite the markdown, so I'm often making money selling things for a profit.  Some people don't want the hassle of selling online, for various reasons, but I'm here to give you some of my expert tips so you can find success selling items online. Before we start, go check out this post on how to make money buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and Craigslist. This post is meant to help you overcome any of the obstacles in your way after you get past these initial first steps.

10 expert tips for selling online

10 Expert Tips for Selling Online


1. Create a Detailed Sales Description

If you leave out any important information in your listing, it won't be long until you are getting multiple messages in your DM's asking for the exact details you left out. If you are selling furniture or large pieces for the home, make sure you include measurements. Any used item should be described accurately. Don't be afraid to point out faults in an item because it won't take long for a buyer to see them or find them. There is an edit option, so if you are finding the same question over and over, take the time to update your listing.

2. Leave Room for Negotiation

I personally like to wheel and deal. I like making an offer on an item and negotiating for a better price. I find that a lot of people do. Don't be insulted by a low ball offer, and be aware of what a fair asking price is. Don't think your "used stuff" is more precious than it is. Do your homework before you list an item, and know what other items are selling for and be reasonable in your pricing. Be willing to make a deal if you think their offer is fair. 

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3. Know Your Limits

I will often be asked to meet or travel to sell an item. The reality is, there will be no shows even when you have the best communication. Don't get enticed by an offer to buy and go out of your way to sell it. Set limits on your travel radius, offer to ship an item if possible, and don't be afraid to ask for partial payment upfront to secure a sale.

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4. Be Safe

I started out selling baby/kid items and would often sell out of my home. The reality is, someone buying a used stroller from me is probably a young parent with a gaggle of kids in the backseat of their minivan. However, you have to stay safe. I have a go-to neutral location close to my house in a crowded parking lot that is well lit. I often won't meet after a certain time at night and if possible I bring my husband along with me. If you are having someone come to your home, make sure someone else is home with you, and if possible complete the transaction in your garage or in your driveway. 

5. Communicate Clearly

It's inevitable that you will have people no show. People are flaky. I've found that if you arrange pick up, communicate again a few hours before meeting just to make sure nothing has changed. 


6. Make an Item Pending

If you have a popular item, you will get a lot of messages about selling that item. Most people will simply DM to ask if the item is still available. If you have a buyer lined up, mark that item as pending to help slow down the message requests. 

7. Use the Rating System

There is a rating system on OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace, and I use it as a general guide. I usually use this rating system as a determining factor in selling, especially if the buyer wants to meet somewhere I have to travel to, or if they want me to hold an item for them. I always try to use the rating system after I sell and I'm honest about it. I also do not have a problem blocking someone or giving them a bad review if they were a crappy human.

8. Try to Accommodate

There is a fine line between accomodating and going out of your way. I tend to be a people pleaser, and want to sell my item, but don't get taken advantage of. Take into account your time and gas money to drive out of your way to meet and consider if it's worth it for you to sell the item. For large furniture items, I often have the ability to deliver, but don't sell yourself short. Add on a delivery fee or offer free delivery within a 10-mile radius of your zip code.

9. Not Everything is Worth Selling

I often won't sell items that are valued under $10. It's just not worth my time. Consider donating any items that are of lower value or join a local buy nothing group that allows you to offer up the items to your neighbors.

10. Respond to DM's

Like all social media platforms, there are algorithms at play. Responding to DM's will help show the app that your item is a HOT item and it will get shown to more people. 


expert tips for selling online

Use these 10 tips to make yourself some extra money today! It's not hard to sell online and you can be an expert in no time!

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