How to Make Bohemian Decor Earthy and Modern

You don’t have to be born before the 80’s to be a hippy girl at heart. When it comes to home decor, I love the earthy bohemian look however, my husband prefers a more modern look. As this is our home, I immediately found myself on the hunt for fun ways to combine both our styles under one roof. If you are looking to have a bohemian look while still keeping those modern home decor pieces that your husband insists on, here is how to make bohemian decor earthy and modern.

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How to Make Bohemian Decor Earthy and Modern

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Add small modern touches

When you think bohemian, the first image that might come to your head are brightly colored rugs and spaces filled with greenery. However, there are a bunch of ways you can combine those earthy and inspirational pieces with modern decor. For example, a wooden table and a golden light fixture with a statement shelf on the wall can embrace a bohemian space while adding modern decor to help unify the style.

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Stick with one family of colors

Bohemian decor is most known for its vibrant and bright colors. However, you can still incorporate a bohemian aesthetic into modern decor by sticking to just one family of colors. For example, a living room that uses burnt orange and uses softer oranges and golds still gives a bohemian look to it, while still sticking to the simplicity of modern decor.

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Add plants

Adding green plants to your room can add an earthy feel to any space. They also add a layer of comfort to a space and a touch of nature. These are easy to incorporate into any space whether it’s a centerpiece on a dining table or a small potted plant on a shelf. No matter the color scheme, you can easily brighten up a space by adding some plants to it. Mix and match plants for an effortless boho look.

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Choose woven accents

From baskets to floor cushions and blankets, the choices of woven accents that you can bring into a space is huge! These items will bring warmth and comfort in an almost hygge way to your room while still giving you that boho look you’re going for. These will help soften a room even if it is full of modern decor. Woven baskets are a great way to add in those boho touches AND stay organized.

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Use fabrics to soften sharp modern looks

Adding a cozy rug or pillows can make even a room that lacks in color have a bohemian vibe. This is perfect for those who wish to have a minimalistic black and white room, but are looking to blend in some boho to make the room feel warmer and inviting. Adding fake fur accent blankets {this one is under $40!}, fabric rug under the coffee table {this one comes in a few colors and it's a steal for the size!}, or other fabrics take the sharpness out of a modern piece of decor.

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You can still have a home that is relaxed, comfortable, and earthy despite having a modern appeal to it! This post hopefully serves as a way to give you some options for your home decor that both of you can agree on.

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