How To Decorate Your Home for Free

If you have just moved into a new place or you are looking for ways to redecorate your home, you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new decor pieces and furniture. There are plenty of creative ways to use what you already have on hand or create something with materials to create a fresh and updated look for your space. Here is how to decorate your home for free.


How To Decorate Your Home for Free


Print out free printables or images

You can create beautiful wall art for your space by printing out free printables or using Google to find images that you want to hang in your home. You can print them straight from your computer and then hang them up for decorative budget-friendly wall art.

Find cheap frames at garage sales, thrift stores or in a local buy-nothing group on Facebook. Or, use moving boxes cut down to size as a backer and adhere the free printable images with spray adhesive.


More upcycled art ideas!

Did you know that you can get free color copies printed at your local library?

Check out this post for even more surprising library benefits that will save you money!


Mix and match your pillows

If your living room doesn’t feel as cozy as you would like it to, gather up throw pillows from all around your home and mix and match them on your sofa. This can create comfort and color and will create a perfect mismatched look. 



Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes all our space needs are something new. Instead of getting a new piece for your room, try rearranging your furniture. Take pieces from around your house and swap them out, or move the existing furniture to a new place in the room.


Paint something using leftover paint

Do you have paint left over from an old project? Look around your house and find something that could use a new look. Then, use that leftover paint and put it to good use by transforming an item in your home! This will give your space an entirely new look for FREE!

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easy paint projects to update home

Reuse your old jars

Old mason jars and even tin cans can be washed and filled with flowers, branches, and other natural materials to use as a beautiful centerpiece on a table or accent piece on a nightstand.

mason jar with flowers


Have a decor swap

Do you have friends who would also like to change out their decor? Host a decor swap and pull together all of the decor you don’t want to use, and then swap them with another friend!


Check online groups for freebies

Many Facebook groups and Craigslist will have places for people just looking for someone to take things off their hands without any cost. They are looking for someone to pick items up quickly, so they will list them for free! This can help you get some decor or a new piece of furniture for your home for free.

Here are some tips for using Facebook Marketplace and OfferUP



Sell your old or unused decor

If you’re really in a pinch to get some new decor and you can’t make use of any of these free options, you can always get some decor money by selling items that you’re no longer using. The money you make from these sales can help you fund your new decor item purchases.

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As you can see, you don’t need to have any money to decorate your home on a budget! So if you’re doing a no-spend challenge or don’t have money for decor right now, this can be a great option.


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