The Ultimate Back-to-School Experience with Cricut

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I've had kids in some form of school since 2000, so after 21 years, I feel like I'm probably some kind of expert. I have a closet stocked full of frequently used school supplies because you don't ever want to run out! With my youngest entering into his junior year of high school, there are fewer back-to-school supply shopping lists and more of finding supplies that work for each kid. My teens are beyond particular about what pens and pencils they use and while I liked multi-subject notebooks for notetaking, I can't get anyone else on board with my system! Everyone has their own thing and that's totally ok which is why I LOVE using Cricut for all of our back-to-school supplies because it allows us to be creative with otherwise ho-hum supplies. And there's nothing more teens like than having their own unique style and with the Cricut, you can make that happen! Come check out how I elevated some plain school supplies and made them into something my teenager would love to go back to school with.

back to school teen supplies

The Ultimate Back-to-School Experience with Cricut

back to school supplies cricut

By now, you know I love my Cricut. I used to think my favorite crafting tool was my hot glue gun, but once I got a cutting machine, hands down there's no comparison! I can use my Cricut to personalize just about anything from boring school supplies to blank walls! I can create custom gifts and upcycle thrift store finds. I can make my own clothing trends and elevate my decor.  It's even a great tool for those college students. Once you get one, you'll never know what you did without it!

100 Reasons Why You Need Cricut Black Vinyl


1. Cricut Black Premium Vinyl is Versatile

You can use black vinyl on just about anything. I love the versatility of it. And Cricut Premium Black Vinyl is the best of the best, so buy it in bulk. You can thank me later!

2. Cricut Premium Vinyl is Easy to Cut

3. Cricut Premium Vinyl Weeds with Ease

circut vinyl

4. Cricut Premium Vinyl Doesn't Bubble

5. Cricut Premium Vinyl is Water-Resistant

6. Cricut Premium Vinyl is UV Resistant so it Won't Fade

7. Cricut Premium Vinyl Lasts up to 3 Years Outside in the Elements!

8. Cricut Premium Vinyl Lies Flat

9. Cricut Premium Vinyl Works with all Cricut Cutting Machines

10-100. See Below

For reasons 10-100 see reason 1 on repeat!

Cricut does have a HUGE variety of vinyl, but sometimes you just need to keep it simple with some black vinyl. I always have some on hand and find plenty of projects to use it on.

Tips for Making the Ultimate Back to School Supplies with Cricut

Back to school supplies cricut

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I have had multiple cutting machines and like them both for different reasons. I always felt pushed out of my comfort zone with the Silhouette because I was doing the designing from scratch. Sometimes it would take me HOURS just to create a simple project with my Silhouette.

Want to read more? I'm dishing on which is better, the Silhouette or the Cricut in this post. 

I have always had Cricut Access Premium for as long as I've had my Cricut and it is a HUGE game changer. You get access to 100,000+ images, hundreds of fonts, and countless ready-to-make projects. There are images for literally everything and my favorite thing ever is finding image sets because you can make coordinating projects with coordinating images. Just like I did for this astronaut back-to-school set.

Here's a little peek at what image sets look like. You can read more about how to use them on this post. 

When you scroll through Cricut Access Premium, you'll see a little i that is circled. Just click on that and you'll see that it opens up an option to view image sets. Then you can see any images that are related to the one that catches your eye and oftentimes they are coordinating so that you can create a fun project!
cricut image set

I use these Cricut tools on the regular. You can usually find them on sale, so keep an eye out, but they aren't super expensive. They are a MUST if you are cutting vinyl especially. 

I like the starter tool set, but really the weeder and the scaper are my go-to tools. 

cricut vinyl tools

My son goes to an aviation high school that his sister calls space school. {big sisters are the best!} So when I saw these space astronauts I knew I'd want to use them for his back-to-school supplies. 

astronaut back to school cricut

All of my older kids have had to memorize lots of information in high school. Owen will be doing some flight training this year, so I'm sure he will have plenty of information he will need to jot down to quiz himself on notecards, so I made him a notecard holder that would help keep everything in one place. 

school supplies cricut

I always like adding small vinyl images where you will least expect it too!

astronaut cricut vinyl

Cricut Premium Vinyl will stay in place on all these back-to-school supplies all year long so it's the perfect product to use for all your supplies!

cricut premium vinyl

I have a huge obsession with my Cricut Joy, because it's small but mighty, but because I was cutting some larger vinyl pieces, I used my Cricut Explore Air. I can use my 12x24" mat and cut long materials.I can use it to cut short materials too, so it's a mat that is worth having just because it's so versatile.

Have you noticed a trend in this post? Black vinyl and long cutting mats, both very versatile! 

Some tips for making Back-to-School Supplies with Cricut

Take advantage of the search bar in the design space. 

There are so many images, and usually, kids have some general likes {unicorns, spacemen, insects, dinosaurs, plants, you name it!}

Use a Good Transfer Paper

The Cricut Transfer paper is STICKY, and I don't normally like using it for wood or paper, but it's the perfect thing to use if you are transferring vinyl to plastic like you do with school supplies. It's also got a grid line so you can make sure your images are centered.

cricut school supplies

Make Sure Blades are Sharp and Mats are Sticky

If they aren't get some new ones! They only last for so long and you'll be frustrated if you are using sub-par materials.

school supplies cricut

Creating your own school supplies for back-to-school is one of the best ways to spark creativity. And you know what they say...creativity sparks learning! Once you start creating with Cricut, you'll never look at a plain surface the same again! There's always a reason to create! What will you make next?

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