8 Reasons Why the Cricut Joy Makes the Perfect Graduation Gift!

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It's almost grad season! It's such a fun time to celebrate all our graduate's accomplishments. Many people find themselves at a loss on how to pick the perfect graduation gift to congratulate and honor this accomplishment in a young person's life. I find that the best gifts are those that are useful to them as they start to enter into the next chapter of their life. It's why I think that the Cricut Joy is the perfect graduation gift. Now, you may be thinking, my mom asked for a Cricut for Christmas last year, or Nancy down the street is the only person I know with a cutting machine and she's middle-aged, what would a kid do with a Cricut Joy? Friends, hold on! I'm about to share with you why the Cricut Joy makes the perfect graduation gift and why your kid will be the envy of every person on their dorm floor!

cricut joy college crafting

 Why the Cricut Joy Makes the Perfect Graduation Gift

Cricut joy college crafting

The Cricut Joy may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about a graduation gift, but it should! I have been obsessed with my Cricut Joy since I first got it and because I have young adult kiddos, I have a handful of their friends who follow my social media accounts. I'm not going to lie, I hear from those kids most often when I share my Cricut Joy. 

The college-age crowd is OBSESSED with the Cricut Joy and rightly so! 

I recently visited my daughter and her boyfriend at their dorm at Boise State University for parent's weekend. Cricut generously gifted my daughter a Cricut Joy bundle and I was able to help them get it up and running.

Today I'm sharing 8 reasons why the Cricut Joy is the perfect college craft companion! 

8 reasons cricut joy

1. Keeps Them Organized

When kids move out into the dorms for the first time, it's likely the first time they've been away from the watchful eye of mom and dad. They won't have their parents to help find whatever they've misplaced or lost. Being organized is the key to success! The Cricut Joy allows your student to organize just about anything. 

The Cricut Joy can draw or doodle helping to create unique labels easily that can help your student stay organized. Make sure you pick up Smart Label Writable Vinyl and Cricut Joy Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock. It will make getting organized easy!

label cricut joy

Check out this post to learn more about the Smart Label Writable Vinyl.

cricut joy smart label

2. Perfect for Stress Reducing

College can be stressful! Teens need ideas of ways that they can decompress and do it in a healthy way. Crafting with the Cricut Joy can help provide the perfect stress relief and gives a welcome distraction from the burdens of the real world. 

cricut joy

3. Never Lose Anything Again

Remember when your kiddo went off to camp the first time? I took an afternoon and labeled everything and we still lost our favorite towel! You can use the Cricut Joy to add a personalized touch to anything making something everyone has, custom to you. It's much harder to lose a towel in the dorm bathroom if it's got your name on it! And people will remember your student's drink cup if they add that personalized touch.

Plus, you add a little something like this image of a bungee jumper and you suddenly open yourself up to conversation from someone who notices your custom mug. It's as easy as that to help strike up conversations on campus and make life-long friends.

cricut label cricut joy

The easiest way to customize anything is by using Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl and Cricut Joy Smart Iron-On. 

cricut joy college crafting

4. Help Them Stay Connected

cricut college crafting

Have you seen how expensive cards are lately? You're looking at $5-6 each! One of my favorite things to make with the Cricut Joy is the insert cards, and I know I'm not alone! Before leaving for college, my daughter often used cards I had made from the Cricut Joy and now in college, she's happily staying connected by crafting her own insert cards. 

Slipping a note under a friend's dorm room door or mailing a card home, is a great way for college kids to stay connected. Using Cricut Access Premium is easy and there are dozens of already designed cards to choose from. 

Plus, a handmade card that says thank you with a personalized note inside will get your student some major bonus points after that study session with the professor or after that internship interview!

cricut joy insert card

5. Create Professional Looking Projects

Class projects don't end in high school! The Cricut helps to create professional-looking projects that will wow their professors. You can cut any shape to perfection and cut lots of different materials using the Cricut Joy. Subscribing to Cricut Access Premium gives access to 100,000+ images and more than 500 different fonts. 

cricut joy college crafting

The Cricut Joy is compact and has Bluetooth built-in, so you can design and create from just about anywhere including the library, the student union building, or from a classmate's apartment! Get the Cricut Joy Tote to help easily transport and store your machine. 

6. Create a Little Home Away From Home

It's inevitable that your college kid will be missing a holiday or two because they are away at college. The Cricut Joy allows them to create a home away from home by creating projects that will help them celebrate friends' birthdays, milestone moments {an A on that midterm!}, and more! 

Got a friend missing home? Not to worry, you can whip them up a little something that will brighten their day. Want to add an encouraging message to the mirror in the dorm bathroom? It's easy with the Cricut Joy! 

college crafting cricut joy

7. Gifts on a Budget

College is expensive, and your college-bound kid will be living on a budget for quite some time! Most young adults still want to give thoughtful gifts and the Cricut Joy allows them to create those gifts on a budget. The minute my daughter and her boyfriend unboxed the Cricut Joy, they were already thinking of all the projects they could make for others.

cricut joy

8. Show College Pride 

I was a sorority girl in college. It didn't happen unless you had a shirt to prove it! We had a t-shirt for just about any occasion and college kids now, aren't any different! You can easily create your own shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, t's, you name it, and show your college pride! In my sorority days, finding greek stickers, decals and clothing wasn't that easy. With the Cricut Joy, students can make their own! And not only that, they can create one-of-a-kind items that no one else will have! 

college crafting

The Cricut Joy is small but mighty, but it can create a little bit of happiness in minutes! It's never been easier or faster to personalize your life with practical everyday projects. The Cricut Joy makes it easy! I'm telling you, it's the absolute perfect graduation gift! 

Grab a Cricut Joy bundle today while they are still on sale!

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