Creating Boho Bedroom Decor with the Cricut Explore Air 2

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We are in a transition phase of our life where we have more bedrooms that are empty than full. We've got young adults who are moving out on their own {and even buying their own houses!} and while I've had a few naysayers tell me to save room because "they'll be back," I'm pretty sure the only time the big kids of mine will be back is to visit. I recently transformed one of the kids' bedrooms into a boho guest room using my Cricut Explore Air 2, and it's slowly becoming my favorite room of the house. I didn't have a huge budget to work with, but it's easy to DIY on the cheap making something custom you love using the Cricut.

boho room decor using cricut

Creating Boho Bedroom Decor with the Cricut Explore Air

This room in our home has come a long way. It started out as a room for our daughter and it's transitioned into a guest room.

boho bedroom with cricut

If you are new here, you'll know that we have one bedroom in our home that is larger than the rest. Moving in here, the kids were all aware that they would have turns having "the big room". That means, every time a kid moves out for college, we do a little room swap. 

With our oldest son permanently moved out and with a home of his own, I decided it was time to upgrade the twin bed to something more accomodating for grown adults. 

I have had the opportunity to travel internationally to some pretty amazing places and I've collected a few things along the way that have now become a part of the guest room. It's also a great room that has tons of natural light and soaring vaulted ceilings {and little judgment from my husband who rarely walks in} so I can hoard houseplants in that room.

Working with a few of my favorite travel treasures, I loved the boho theme for this room so I embraced it as I started to redecorate.

5 Ways to Embrace Boho Decor


What Makes a Room Boho?

A boho style {short for bohemian} is an eclectic mix of colors, styles, and patterns. It's pretty relaxed and doesn't follow a lot of the decorating rules. Here are a few ideas of ways you can embrace the boho style.

boho bedroom layers

DIY a live edge hairpin leg table

Layer Everything

Layer rugs, blankets, pillows, you name it, layer it! This room started to come together as I layered a black and white geometric rug I bought in Bangladesh with a cowhide rug I bought at a garage sale. I loved the way they worked together.

pendleton bedding

Lots of Pattern and Texture

Stick to a similar color palette but embrace different patterns and textures. I chose a plain comforter but layered it with Pendleton fabric I bought at a yard sale for $10. I made my own pillows using more of the leftover Pendleton fabric. 

Make a Bold Statement

You can make a bold statement with a pattern or a color in a boho room, just make sure you fully embrace it! 

Boho can be Neutral

I love color, but I love neutrals more. If you want a more neutral boho decor style, focus on weathered wood, leather {faux or real} and greenery from houseplants.

I purchased these arrows handmade in Zambia. they are one of my favorite souvenirs. I placed them in a shadow box and sewed them in place. 

shadow box with african arrows

Make the Most of Accessories

Textiles and artwork are two of the easiest ways to add a boho style into a room. I was inspired to create artwork that was complementary to the rug I bought in Bangladesh. 

boho home decor with cricut

I actually created these five art frames for around $10. Want to know how?

I keep an eye out for cheap art. I buy it when I see it at thrift stores {check out this post for thrift store home decor ideas} or at your local home store. I picked these frames up for 90% off at Hobby Lobby earlier this year and was holding on to them just waiting for the perfect project. 

I think I found it.

boho frames before

Upcycle Cheap Frames into Art You Love

upcycle boho art

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Reusing Art

Choose an image that doesn't have a lot of extra paint or extras on it.

If you do, don't worry! You can sand down the wood or canvas to give yourself a clean flat surface.

reuse art frames and canvas

This princess frame had glitter. I used sandpaper to sand it down and kept feeling it to make sure it would no longer be raised when I used it for my vinyl project.

Tape off any part of your frame or art that you don't want to paint.

Give your frame a layer of acrylic paint as a primer before using the paint you want to be seen. Wait between layers to let your paint dry so you don't end up with bubbles and sloppy paint.

boho canvas

I used Folk Art Chalk paint for the final layer of my frame. I like how well it covers and that it gives me a smooth base for adhering to the Cricut vinyl. 

chalk paint for frames

Remove the tape and you are ready to get started with the fun part!

paint art frames and reuse them


I can't tell you enough times that I love having Cricut Access Premium. I used to spend HOURS getting frustrated trying to design something to cut and now I can easily find an image I want to use using Cricut Access and I can get to creating instead. I find that I don't get stalled out in the creative process anymore because I'm not getting slowed down by the design process.

If you don't have it, at least try it out for a month. It's only $9.99!

I searched for geometric images and then created a board that I saved with the images I found. I then copied and pasted each image into a new design space and then resized it to fit the frame I wanted to use.

diy boho art using cricut vinyl

I used black premium Cricut Vinyl for this project and my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.

cricut explore air vinyl

I always peel as much of the vinyl off as I can first

boho cricut decor

Then I use the Cricut Weeder. I'm telling you, this starter pack of tools is worth its weight in gold!

prep vinyl for transfer

Peel off any extra vinyl you don't want to transfer onto your art piece.

boho home decor

Use the Cricut Transfer Tape to transfer your image from the carrier page so you can transfer it onto your frame.

The Cricut Transfer Tape is EXTRA sticky, so I suggest peeling it off the backing and then sticking it to your couch to make it a little less sticky. 

cricut transfer tape

Those Cricut Crafting Tools come back to save the day again! I use the Scraper to make sure the vinyl is sticking onto the art piece so I can remove the transfer tape.

transfer vinyl

I used several different coordinating geometric patterns on all of the frames I painted. What do you think?

boho art frames

Just a little reminder of the before and the after so you can see them side by side!

This is such a great way to reuse something you find at a deep discount and make it custom using some paint and Cricut vinyl and create an amazing project you are going to love for not a whole lot of money!

boho decor
I really like how all the frames look hung together. They make quite the impact and they were under $10 for all 5 frames!

boho cricut decor

Pin this for later!

diy boho art pin

I really hope that you don't look at "cheap" art the same way, but instead, you see a world of possibilities! All it takes is a little creativity, a little vinyl, and your favorite sidekick, your Cricut Explore Air 2

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