How to Find What to Read Next

Have you just finished up a series you’ve been reading? Maybe you are looking for a good book and don't have time to waste on something you can't get into. Like Goldilocks, it can be a challenge to find the perfect book. However, there are so many great ways to get some help on where to find your next best read! If you’re looking for inspiration to help you discover what to read next, here are my top picks!

how to find what to read next

How to Find What to Read Next

how to find what to read next

I'm a big reader. I always have been. On average I'm reading a book every four days or so. In a year, I go through a LOT of books. You'd think that I would be wondering what to read next, but that's rarely a problem. I think I've found the solution. Here are some tips!

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Not only is this a great place to keep track of the books you’ve read, but you can also use it to find books you might be interested in! You can see what your friends are reading and get list suggestions full of books in different genres, by authors, or even books similar to what you just read. While you will need to make a Goodreads account to use all of the features, it’s free to join and use.

Facebook Groups

You can find a Facebook group about nearly any type of book, from Book Clubs to genre-specific lovers. These are great places to get ideas for what you should read next! Take a look at what others are reading and recommending and see what sparks your interest! You can also look at pages specifically regarding reading and reading recommendations if you enjoy a variety of genres.

Word of Mouth

What books are others loving? Check out what books your favorite influencers, friends, and families are reading. Get their recommendations and add them to your reading list. Sometimes just hearing about what others are reading can inspire you to pick up something new or look for something similar.

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Library Hold Lists

People don’t usually put crappy books on hold. Check out your local library’s hold list to see what books people are waiting to read. You can even look online to see what books are most popular or are on hold frequently for some libraries.

We have a section at our library called Lucky Day. These are popular books but are reserved to the "lucky" one who comes into the library to see what is on the shelf. You can't hold these books and you can't renew them. If you find one, it's your lucky day! 

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Check Out Your Library

Librarians are a wealth of knowledge, including what to read next! If you don’t want to bother them or talk with them, take a stroll around the library. Often they have sections of books that are recommended by librarians or popular choices that you can look through. These are usually prominently displayed and can be a great place to start.


More Books By Authors You Love

If you loved one of their books, you might be interested in more of their work! Check out more books by the same author to see if anything catches your eye.

I have made a habit to save all my favorite books that I would recommend to my friends {I don't include the ones I don't like or would rate less than 3 stars}. The list has more than 100 books on it now and you're sure to find a book you like. 

See What Others Are Buying

Depending on where you buy your books from, you may be able to get some ideas right from the page you’re buying on! If you’re using Amazon, scroll down near the bottom of the page after clicking on a book you know you like. You’ll often see recommendations of “Things users purchased as well” or “recommendations based on what you like.”

I have a highlight of the books I have been reading saved on Instagram. I am very truthful and offer links to the books so you can read more about them on Amazon and see what others are buying with those books. I always suggest borrowing a book from the library rather than buying it. But if you do want to buy a book, check out your local independent bookseller. Amazon is just an easy way for me to link the items.

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As you can see, there are many great places to find your next favorite book! Whether you’re reading for fun or to reach a reading goal, these places will help you find books you’ll get excited about reading.

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