Sneaky Ways to Save More Money -Tips from our Depression Era Grandparents

The Great Depression Era was a time when most people didn’t have much money. Our grandparents had to be frugal out of necessity and do everything they could to pinch a penny back then. To survive and help their families through this challenging time, they picked up many frugal hacks that most of us wouldn’t dream of doing nowadays. If you’re looking for sneaky ways to save more money, are some of the best tips from our Depression-era grandparents that you should try.

money saving tips from our depression era grandparents

Sneaky Ways to Save More Money -Tips from our Depression Era Grandparents


Extend the life of your clothes

Depression-era families did whatever it took to make their clothes last. New clothes were out of the question because they just didn’t have the finances for it. This means that clothes were mended and fitted over time so they would last for years. They also would line dry their clothes because it is a lot gentler on our clothes than a dryer would be.

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Start a garden

Whether it’s regrowing a head of romaine lettuce or planting potatoes in the backyard, Depression-era families weren’t afraid to grow their own food. Since money was so tight, anything you could do to keep your family from spending money was preferred. There are so many vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can be grown from a windowsill or your backyard for pennies.

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Learn to cook from scratch

Frozen pizzas and TV dinners did exist back then, but they were uncommon and a treat for those who could afford them. Depression-era folks learned to make things from scratch, such as bread because it was way less than buying it from the store. Do some searching online, and you’ll find recipes for how to make your own vanilla extract, bread, olive oil, and so much more.

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Borrow instead of buy

Money was tight back in the Great Depression, so people found ways around having to buy new things. They would trade with neighbors, borrow books from the library, and even trade board games to keep the family entertained. Instead of buying something new, ask around and see if someone has something you could borrow instead. While you should buy your own lawn mowers and other things like that, you don’t have to buy everything you need.

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Don’t waste anything

The very thought of throwing something away until it was essential as a way of life in the Great Depression. You have probably heard from your grandparents about how many ways they could repurpose something as simple as a banana peel. Take a page from their book and find ways to reduce your waste. Before you throw something away, see if you can find a different way to use it. Could you extend the life of something like shampoo by using less? Can you use veggie scraps to make homemade broth?

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There is no shame in saving money! Whether you need to out of necessity or further toward your savings goals, these tips will help you get back on track and pinch pennies in ways you may not have thought of.


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