How to Save Money by Using What You Already Have in Your Home

There are so many ways to save money. From changing your light bulbs to changing where you shop, all of these money-saving tips require you to spend money to save money. If you’re looking for a more practical place to start, I recommend you start saving money using what you already have at home. This can not only help you use up the items around your home, such as extra shampoo and soap, but also help you save money by avoiding the stores!

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How to Save Money by Using What You Already Have in Your Home

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Know what you have

One of the reasons we buy spices we already own, more shampoo bottles, and more makeup is because we don’t understand and know what we already have at home. The first step is to take inventory of EVERYTHING you have at home. I find it helpful to place things into categories such as entertainment, toiletries, food items, etc. This way, before I spend a dime, I can refer to this list and see if something I already have at home could do the trick.

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Use up oddball cooking ingredients

There are so many great recipes out there that take one off the wall ingredient that doesn’t get used for anything else. While it’s great that you’re cooking at home, buying ingredients you’ll never use again isn’t a great way to save money. Use up those odd or random ingredients by finding a recipe that uses those ingredients, or double or triple the recipe until that weird ingredient is fully used up! This is also a great way to stock your freezer too!

Consider Taking the Pantry Challenge and Save Money!


Use what you have or make your own

It’s time to focus on personal care products and household products. These items are not hard to make yourself, but if you have a surplus of them in your house, it’s time to use them up and get them out! Refer back to your inventory list of what you have on hand, and then use this as a guide to help you know how much you have on hand. Organize them by what expires first, and then challenge yourself to use up every last one until you have fully gone through your stock.


Entertain yourself at home

Entertaining ourselves can cost us dearly if we’re not careful. A trip to a movie theatre, or a spontaneous shopping spree because we’re bored, could end up costing you $100 or more. Find free ways to keep you and your family entertained while at home! You can find printable games online, movies from your stash that you haven’t touched in months, or even go through your board game cabinet!

You'll Find Lots of Free Entertainment at Your Local Library! Find out how!

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If you’re not spending money, you can start saving more of it! Whether you just need a month off of spending or looking to make long-term changes to your budget, spending money won’t help you save any faster! The best way to save more money is by first using what you already have at home before exploring alternatives. Then, start using what you learned from what you used to help you make better spending decisions in the future.

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