Secret Must Haves for a Frugal Home

Frugal living sounds so easy in concept, but actually doing it can be a bit tricky. If you’re trying to save money or build better money habits, you may have considered giving frugal living a try. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay frugal while you’re out AND while you’re at home is to have a few secret weapons at your disposal. The five secret must-haves are going to make a massive difference in your ability to save money and your frugal experience.

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Secret Must-Haves for a Frugal Home

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frugal living tips and tricks for money saving

A Slow Cooker and/or Pressure Cooker

Cooking at home is the single best thing you can do to start saving money. The pressure cooker or slow cooker is merely a tool to make it easier. If you struggle with eating at home because of laziness or not wanting to make something, these tools can really save the day! In a few hours or minutes, you have a hands-off dinner option at your disposal.

Check out the best 5 ingredient crockpot meals!

I have a few thoughts on the Instant Pot. Not everyone will agree with me, but I think before you buy one, you should read this. 

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A Fantastic Coffee Maker

I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee, and having a good coffee maker is a must! If you enjoy a cup of coffee even once a day, you want to make it count! A good coffee maker will keep you away from coffee shops and cafes while still giving you that great taste of coffee at home.

This is the espresso machine I have and the coffee maker we use. Both are single-use and don't encourage multiple cups. If you drink more than a cup or two, I wouldn't recommend either of these but would recommend this

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Ample Freezer Space

If you need a little help with your grocery budget, this is how you do it! Having a well-stocked freezer will help you shop your stock first, while also letting you take advantage of great deals you find at the store! Nearly everything you buy can be frozen for later, and you can even freeze fully cooked meals for easy grab and go options!

Don't miss how I saved money one month with a pantry challenge! Having a freezer was part of that plan and it saved us hundreds of dollars.

These are 20 things frugal people do every day!

Reusable Napkins and Cleaning Rags

Paper products are expensive, and napkins and paper towels are at the top of the list! Buying reusable napkins will not only cut the cost of napkins entirely, but it makes your meals a little more fancy too! Replacing paper towels with cleaning rags will also significantly cut back on the number of paper towels you use for your deep cleaning jobs. 

Cleaning without chemicals also helps to save on the expense of buying expensive cleaning products. Here are a few posts that might help you with that.

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reusable water bottle

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles come in handy in two cases. The first is when you want to take water on the go, you have an easy and refillable option that won’t cost you any money! {It's one of my favorite travel hacks!} 

The second is for those times when you want to have bottled water at home or perhaps while you are out but don’t want to spend the money. Buy a refillable water bottle with a filter so you can have fresh water whenever you need it, without having to buy a single-use plastic water bottle at a considerable markup.

These are my favorite water bottles when I travel and these are my favorite water bottles for home.


frugal living, money saving tips and tricks

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the frugal must-have items you should have on hand, these five things are crucial to a frugal lifestyle. These five things will do the most work to help you cut out bad habits and stretch your thrifty dollars.

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