DIY Face Mask Storage Bag

Our state has mandated face masks in all public spaces. In the beginning, many local businesses would have face masks available if you forgot yours, but in the past few weeks, remembering your face mask is all on you. I often have a stash of them in my car, but as we start to venture out into the world more, I know that having them available, clean and ready, is going to be more of an issue we run into as a family. So I created some fun DIY solutions. Ones you can replicate for your family to help you remember to bring your face mask with you to help protect you and others around you. Read on for some simple DIY face mask storage bag solutions.

spread kindness not germs DIY face mask storage bag

DIY Face Mask Storage Bags

DIY face mask storage bag

I decided I needed a more sanitary way of carrying my clean face masks in my car, rather than throwing them on the console and hoping for the best. Cricut has had a KILLER sale on their blanks, so I got these cosmetic bags and used infusible ink on them. 

If you've never used infusible ink, it's like magic. Seriously. It's the coolest thing you'll see all day. 

Don't believe me? Check out this video:

Check out this post for more information on how to use infusible ink. 

I will confess, the infusible ink seems a little intimidating to use, but once you use it once, you'll be hooked. You do need to use it on Cricut blank accessories for the best results. So take advantage of this sale and give it a try. 

I actually layered various colors of infusible ink. I used the Brushed Sunset pack and once all the pieces were cut out, I layered them onto the largest cut piece so that I could transfer it onto my cosmetic bag.

infusible ink cosmetic bag

Once they were layered, I followed the Cricut instructions and used my Cricut EasyPress to adhere the ink to the bag. 

DIY face mask bag

My teenagers aren't often with me, so they needed something they could keep with them on their backpack or their keychain so they had a face mask available to them. 

face mask pouch

I saw these earbud cases at Walmart for $1 and thought they'd make the perfect solution.

face mask keychain holder

This earbud pouch makes the perfect storage solution for one face mask. You could put a disposable face mask inside or a reusable face mask and always have one handy.

I used regular Cricut vinyl on this pouch. It was as easy as finding the image I wanted in the Cricut design store and resizing it to fit on the pouch.

face mask pouch

I weeded the vinyl and made sure I liked the size on the pouch before I used my EasyPress to adhere the vinyl.

diy face mask pouch

The earbud pouch is now a face mask pouch and it can be attached on your keys, backpack, purse, wherever! And you'll never be without a face mask again!

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face mask bag

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