Easing the Transition for Kid from Middle School to High School

The step from junior high to high school is a big one. While your kids are already used to the idea of heading to different classes and using lockers, they are also going through puberty, and their coursework is about to get a lot more challenging. Making the transition from middle school to high school is a big jump, so preparing your children for success in high school is important! Here are some tips to help ease the transition from middle to high school.

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Easing the Transition for Kid from Middle School to High School

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Get your children used to the added responsibility

High school brings about more challenges; then, they may have previously faced in other grades leading up to high school. Teachers require more of the students who attend and expect students to navigate when to take a break to go to lockers and balance different social obligations with the classwork load. Get your children used to the added responsibilities by practicing at home with chores and other tasks.

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Teach your children about balancing social and academic demands of high school

High school isn’t all about preparing for college by grades alone. They will have the opportunity to earn college credit, take the SATs, and many other academic parts of high school. However, the social aspects are just as important. They can try out for more competitive sports teams or theatre programs; they can participate in band or art programs. The choices are limitless. However, it’s all about balance. Your child won’t be able to participate in everything, so help them decide what things are important to them.


Encourage your children to participate in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an excellent way for your child to meet other people who are interested in similar things. This could be anything from music to sports. Encourage your children to find something that interests them, whether it be competitive or a club to join. While these might look a little different in the coming fall, these clubs and organizations will be there for their entire high school career. Consult with your school to find out what clubs and activities will be offered for students.

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Get your children used to the harder workload

While they may have done well in middle school, high school is going to present a lot of challenges. Classes will suddenly get harder, and the material in those classes are going to be a little foreign to them. While your child may have loved reading in middle school, honors or AP English classes might not be a good fit for them if they’re not prepared for the time commitment that will come with it. 

Start by helping your child ease into the workload by assisting them in preparing for the classes they’ll be taking in the fall. Doing some extra reading or prep work over the summer can help make the transition into high school life easier in the fall.

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No matter what kind of school year is ahead for your kids, it’s important to help prepare them for whatever kind of school might be ahead of them.

There will always be new school year complaints. Here are some tips to deal with them.

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