Free Resources for College Students

If you’re a college student there are a ton of amazing things that are offered to you completely free, but, you have to know they exist, which sadly many college students don’t. That’s why I put together this list of amazing free resources for college students. Share it with a student because we all know college kids need whatever money-saving tips they can get!

Free Resources for College Students

Free Resources for College Students


money saving in college

You Need a Budget 

Get 12 months of You Need a Budget, an incredible budgeting app that will help you stay within your budget throughout college and beyond for free. Just email with proof of your enrolment like an ID card. You’ll also get a 10% discount after that year is up.


MicrosoftOffice 365 

College students with a valid school email address can sign up for Office 365 Education completely free which will grant access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note, and even Microsoft Teams as well as a handful of other educational tools.


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Autodesk offers access to more than 100 products free for college students all around the world including AutoCAD and MAYA. These are fantastic for anyone who wants to go into game development, architecture, or engineering.

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Get 6 months of free Amazon Prime membership which will help you save money on shipping, give you early access to Amazon deals, plus Prime Video, Prime Music, and even photo storage. After your 6 months are up you will get Amazon Prime for 50% off.


Student Health Clinic

Your college campus most likely has a student health clinic that provides free visits to doctors, nurses, and even mental health care professionals. Head to your college’s website to find out what services your college offers.

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You can get 6 months of free LastPass Membership with your college email address. Even if you don’t have a .edu address. This offer is available to colleges all around the world. This will help you keep your passwords safe and make it a whole lot harder for you to get hacked.


PocketPoints App 

Pocket Points is an app that will reward you for spending time off your phone. You earn points by not using your phone then you can redeem those points for discounts and even free stuff from local businesses.


Free Resources for College Students

On-Campus Tutors

Many, if not all colleges offer free tutoring for students either out of their library or out of another space. These tutors are other college students who are hired by the school to help out students when they’re struggling with certain subjects. This service is completely free for students.



The Washington Post offers an academic rate for any educators in K-12 as well as college students, faculty, and staff in the United States.

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Coursera offers free members, which means free classes to college students around the world. Though these won’t count towards college credit, they will allow you to explore classes you would have liked to have taken in your college, but completely free.


Free Resources for College Students

Campus Career Services

Your campus career services office is there to help you find a job, work out what kind of job you might enjoy doing, and they also offer free resume services. Take advantage of the services you are paying for with your college tuition.


Adobe Creative Cloud

This last one isn’t actually completely free, but it is such a massive discount that I felt like I had to include it. The Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Lightroom, and much more is offered to college students and teachers for 65% off. This is a fantastic deal for some of the best professional there is. 

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Rum Tan said...

As a student I always find resources related to education that can help for my learning and improve my skills. These resources are valuable and much required for all type of students. There are many educational tools that gives an adavantage to solve your questions. You have shared about auto desk, that is important for game development, architecture, or engineering. By these resources you can make your technical skills strong. You can also share more resources for school kids that is required for their growth.

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