Finding the best deals on second-hand clothing and household items

Garage sale season is nearly over and instead of scoring deals every weekend, you may be finding yourself wondering what you should be doing now to get the best deals on clothing, shoes and items for your home.  
Our garage sale season usually runs from May-September, which leaves me longing for deals from October-April. I've got a list of the places I frequent to find the best deals on clothing, shoes and household items during those months when there isn't a garage sale in site.

Finding the best deals on second-hand clothing and household items

Last month I shared with you that our family buys 90% of our clothing second hand. This doesn't mean we sacrifice name brands that we love, in fact, we are able to buy name brands at a fraction of their retail price actually making them affordable for our family.  You can read more about how we live well on less and save money on clothing in this post.
Most of the time a complete outfit for me costs less than that cup of fancy coffee you are holding in your hand. It's not uncommon on a garage sale weekend for me to come home with a pile of new {to us} clothing from a garage sale. Because clothing comes into our home so frequently during the summer, we sort of get used to getting new duds in our wardrobe and so when the garage sale lull hits, I get an itch to start shopping. But I can't just show up at the mall after I've been paying 99% less than retail price most of the time, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you still save money on clothing during the off season.
One of my new favorites is ThredUp. I used a friend's a referral code for $20 off any purchase.  These coupons are my favorite kinds of coupons because I can buy $20 worth of stuff and it's free.  On ThredUp $20 will get you a lot! I find that the prices are similar to thrift stores in my area and the quality is exceptional. They even have boys, girls, shoes and designer clothing. The site is really easy to navigate too when you put in your sizes and what you are looking for. You can even narrow your search down by your favorite brand.
I actually purchased a dress and a romper, spent $20 almost exactly and paid $5 for shipping.  The bag showed up on my doorstep a few days later. I wore the romper the next day and got a zillion compliments.  
I would use this site even if I didn't have a coupon, but lucky you, I have a referral coupon to share. So my friends, here is your $20 to spend just for trying ThredUp. Want to try out a new style {joggers perhaps?} use this code. Kids grew and need a new pair of jeans? Here you go.  Need a new outfit for fall. This it where to shop. $20 to spend on anything. There is really nothing to lose. 
I also have a few thrift stores locally that I shop and sell at.  I included tips on how to sell your clothes on consignment here. Clothes that I buy at garage sales that for whatever reason don't work for my kids or my husband and I {too big/too small, not our style}, usually get sent to the consignment shop. Most consignment shops pay more if you take a credit to their store {50% payout for credit and only 30% if you want cash}. 

I have a pile of clothes for kids consignment in my closet and a pile of adults clothes for consignment.  When I go shopping at those stores, I drop off my consignment items first, browse the store while they buy and then make my purchases based on the credit I receive that day.  I included a list of some of my favorite consignments shops here.
In high school, my part time job was at Goodwill. I loved shopping there and I loved working there. Now, I think that Goodwill has gotten too expensive. Goodwill is taking donations they have received for free and marking them up to far more than what they are worth. I will however, frequent the Goodwill Outlet where you buy items by the pound.  I've even got tips if you are shopping the Goodwill Outlet for the first time.
The Goodwill Outlet and St. Vincent De Paul {on half price days} are my two favorite spots to shop for furniture and items for the home.  I've found some great deals on project pieces for under $5. You do have to be careful at the Outlet that you know what is priced by the pound and what is a set price. BONUS TIP: I have found that if I go to the cashier at the Outlet and have them weigh an item {since you are paying by the pound} and ask if you can get a discount on a heavy item, they will typically appease you. 
Hopefully this post will give you a place to start, especially if you've grown used to paying a dollar for your clothes like I have.  You have nothing to lose to try out ThredUp. It's free money just for you. I'm literally handing you $20 to spend to try it out. Give it a shot.
If you find yourself at the Goodwill Outlet I want to hear your stories! I know you will have them. That place is hellagangster but it's fun to get out of the suburban bubble sometimes, roll up our sleeves and dig through piles of people's crap to find a good deal. 
Happy hunting!
disclaimer: I am using a referral code that if/when you place your order will also give me a little bonus shopping money for your order. I love shopping money and I love you. We all win. Seriously, I would tell you to shop there even if I didn't get a kick back!

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