How we make our rewards program work for us

There are a lot of credit card rewards programs out there. So how do you choose the right program for you?

I've had this conversation with friends (because man, when you are an adult you talk about what mattress you should get and what rewards programs you should be a part of. This whole adult thing is exciting stuff!)  and so I've compiled a list of things that people want from their rewards program.

People want a rewards program that will work for them.  One that has benefits that they want to use. One that won't make you jump through hoops to redeem those benefits and one that doesn't limit what you purchase or how you purchase.  They want to be part of a program that rewards them for buying things they are already buying.  If that sounds good, I have the rewards program for you!
We've been a member of the same rewards program for over 10 years and I think we have found the secret to making our rewards work for us.

Almost everyone that I know in a credit cards rewards program has mentioned that they want to use their rewards for travel.  I've heard people in line in front of me tell the cashier that they are going to put their purchase on a specific card so that they can get points for miles.  This works when you have a rewards program like Chase rewards which does not have blackout dates or restrictions!

The kids heading back to school gave my credit card a little pre-holiday workout.  New shoes,
supplies and school fees are just a little warm up for the holiday spending in just a few months.  I'm the master when it comes to stretching a dollar, and you can be too!  Just like a carpenter needs the right tools for the job, a good money saver needs the right rewards program that will give back and reward them for using it.  No hoops, no hassle!

We love our reward program because it allows you to earn points on every purchase and then gives cash back in the form of a direct deposit to cardholders.  You can also choose to use the merchandise redemption option or receive gift cards (great Christmas gifts!) with no additional markups.  You pay the same price in points as you would in the store.

You can use your rewards on travel (any flight any time without blackout dates or restrictions) or experiences. There is even exclusive VIP access to concerts, sporting events, movie premiers and more when you redeem your points with the Chase program.

Not even 20 minutes ago, I spent $2.18 at the Dollar Store and don't you know it, I put that $2 and change on my Chase card because those points add up!  I love knowing that the spending I'm doing now is translating into rewards that I will use later.  It's easy to get your program to work for you.  You just have to be a part of the right one.

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