Garage Sale Finds Friday-American Pickers style Edition 77

Welcome back to another garage sale finds Friday, where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds.  This week, things are going to be a little bit different.  
My husband and I have been watching the first season of American Pickers on Netflix, and since so many of the items that I find each week end up for sale, I thought I would do a fun little follow up on the items that I have found this summer, the price I paid for them and {here's the fun part!} the price I have sold them for and the profit that I have made.

Please oh please tell me that the fact that I sell the items that I find isn't a surprise to you.  I do fall in love with pieces and while I keep some of what I find, I do end up selling a good majority of it. Especially when it comes to furniture.  

The majority of what I sell gets listed on OfferUp or Craigslist and some of it goes to my friend Mandi's shop in Sumner, WA. OfferUp has been my favorite thing this summer. I'm finding more buyers and less lookers like I have in the past with Craigslist and most items sell in days of listing, which I love.

Fun little side note.  My 16 year old son and two of his friends have started their own little buying and reselling business this summer and have done quite well.  The three of them get up early on the weekend, drive around to garage sales and negotiate prices I am quite impressed with.  And those crazy kids are reselling anything from electronics, to couches to sailboats!  They have turned a profit on every item they have sold.  

Are you ready to get started?

Remember this pair of rustic vintage milk crates that I got at the beginning of the season? I paid $5 for the pair and sold both of them for $20.

bought: $5
sold: $20
profit: $15

This vintage hamper was part of one of the first transformation Tuesdays. I paid $1 for it.

I gave it a nice coat of spray paint {that I had on hand} and sold it for $20.
bought: $1
sold: $20
profit: $19
I bought this bed for only $2, and sold it for $45.
bought: $2
sold: $45
profit: $43
While I was on the $2 buying streak, I bought this large wicker hamper.
This guy was a transformation Tuesday feature, all it took was a coat of paint {that I had on hand} and some chalkboard labels that I bought at a garage sale for $1 and I sold this item for $20.
bought: $3 {$2 basket+ $1 labels}
sold: $20
profit: $17
I didn't really buy this next piece. I pretty much stole it. It's an Ethan Allan piece that was in nearly perfect condition and was being sold to me for only $10. I didn't even negotiate or anything! I just paid the man.
Pretty much the next day, the item sold for $150.
bought: $10
sold: $150
profit: $140
My must buy price on furniture is $10. If it's wood and in good shape, I don't care if I need it or not, I simply cannot pass up a piece of furniture that is 10 bucks.
I grabbed this secretary desk for {you guessed it!} $10.
This is another fun item that got it's day in the sun as part of a transformation Tuesday feature. I used Modern Masters metallic paint {they sent some to me for free!}  and the night I listed the desk it sold for $125.
bought: $10
sold: $125
profit: $115
I've been on the hunt for a barn door for about a year now. I found this one and had a project idea up my sleeve, but after that project didn't work, I decided to sell it. I paid $10 for the door and sold it to an antique shop for $90.
bought: $10
sold: $90
profit: $80
My daughter begged me to buy this bed and I immediately brought it home and had major buyer's remorse.  It's a double {we don't have a mattress that will fit it} and it was a project piece that was going to require a lot of work and time I didn't have.
bought: $10
sold: $25
profit: $15 {and I saved a ton of time!}
I've got a thing for old chairs and so when I saw this one for only $15, I knew I couldn't pass it up.  It was in great shape and still rolled and swiveled like a charm.
bought: $15
sold: $60
profit: $45
Are you ready for a couple of never before seen garage sale finds items? 
Well...this Land of Nod table isn't my normal share because it isn't vintage and rusty but it is awesome and I got a heck of a deal on it.
bought: $20
sold: $150
profit: $130

I still can't believe I fit these vintage theater seats from a local high school into the back of my mini van.  Yep, all 101" of it with the door closed! I love my mini van.

Anyway, I shared a picture of the theater seats on Instagram {follow me if you aren't already!} after I already took them into the shop to sell.  I think these were my favorite find of the summer.  Or at least one of them.

bought: $50
sold: $300
profit: $150 {I get half the sale price when an item is sold at a store}

I still have a couple of items that are listed to be sold or can be currently found in a shop.
I'm hoping they sell soon.
The first is this mid century modern Amodec dresser.  I had no idea what I was buying when I paid $20 for it, but it turns out this is a rare piece that goes at auction for over $3500! The designer, Donald Deskey, went on to design the inside of The Radio City Music Hall. 
bought: $20
valued: $3500+
hoping to sell for: $500 profit
This Hudson Bay company blanket is quite collectible and though it isn't in the best shape, I do have plans of listing it soon.
bought: $1
valued: $150
hoping to sell for: $100 profit
Wasn't that fun looking over some of my garage sale finds?!  It was for me! And it makes me feel like it wasn't time wasted every Friday and Saturday morning seeing those dollar signs add up.  Actually, most of that money goes back into spending for garage sales.  It's the ultimate in recycling.
I love it!
Did you have any good finds this summer that you made a profit on? I would love to hear about them. Either tag me on Instagram or Facebook{@holycraftblog}. or comment below. I would love to see them or hear about them!

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